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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109483086, Entry date: 07/25/2019

Delivery Release: Control Performance Analytics (CPA)

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Control Performance Analytics collects and aggregates control loop data from PCS 7 Systems. The aggregated data is analyzed and specific KPIs are calculated, providing primarily transparency about the specific situation of the control loops. In addition those KPIs allow identification of certain improvement potentials.
CPA provides
  • Various performance KPIs and loop characteristics:
    Status of alarms, warnings and user inputs, Service factor, Oscillations, Steady state performance, Tracking performance
  • Stiction (static friction) detection
  • Control loop optimization

The information is provided via an online reporting system.

System requirements / Frame conditions

  • CPA works with all running PCS 7 installations in versions V7.1 SP2 to V9.0 all SP
  • PID controllers (Standard):  CTRL_PID
  • PID controllers (APL): PIDConR, PIDConS, PIDConL
  • PID controllers (SIPAPER APL and others): CtrlPP, CTRL_PP, TE_CTRL, PID_SC, PPIDStepL

  • Any other PCS 7 PID-controller modules on request and after evaluation
  • CPA data collector installed on PCS 7 OS master and standby server
  • For optimization additional data is required from ES

  • Data of Non-PCS 7 systems can be analyzed with reduced scope


Verification of CPA SW Installer Package (SHA256-Checksums)

11/2018, current CPA installer package "CPA MOB Installer.msi" current version: V3.0.0.60 (27/09/18)
SHA256: D0 DD D0 9D 00 00 DC F0 D3 79 D2 18 56 98 4F C1 90 37 AA 8E E1 49 9D 17 C4 88 BA 59 C9 D9 B8 BE

06/2018, current CPA installer package "CPA MOB Installer.msi" current version: V1.5.4.6944 (22/05/18)
SHA256: E2 B8 84 D3 75 BF 83 8C 9E F0 76 E8 C8 00 A5 DC F1 81 ED 4D B7 AA 19 21 C3 11 AC EF F1 06 7C CF

12/2017, current CPA installer package "CPA MOB Installer.msi" current version: V1.5.1.6860 (15/11/17)
SHA256: EC 34 25 22 86 54 56 54 8E 74 47 12 53 E9 F5 FB E6 BC 03 81 34 94 58 91 28 99 43 BE 20 18 F0 A4

06/2017, current CPA installer package "CPA MOB Installer.msi" current version: V1.5.0.6549 (11/04/17)
SHA256: 05 B1 07 65 CF 92 10 AA CF 7D 3A B3 6A 1F E0 9F B8 98 2D E4 A8 69 78 4F 4C 07 03 55 43 55 24 E1

02/2017, current CPA installer package "CPA MOB Installer.msi" current version: (13/02/17)
SHA256: bf 72 39 cc b4 4a 73 ba 86 da f3 cd 98 fb d4 da 27 17 0b 8d f3 b5 1d 78 20 32 d1 c1 25 db 22 ee

12/2016, compatible CPA installer package "CPA MOB Installer.msi" current version: V1.4.0.6290 (25/11/2016)
SHA256: af 45 6f 44 39 9e a3 6a 86 f2 b8 21 09 b8 ef 5f ca c0 17 a7 b3 31 a1 50 53 e6 97 08 82 08 7b ed

08/2016, compatible CPA installer package "CPA MOB Installer.msi" compatible version: V1.3.3.21 (26/7/2016)
SHA256: c2 7d bb 82 76 92 12 e4 80 0c 63 d1 3f 65 12 07 ab b6 79 7b 1b 24 b0 d8 97 a2 6b 31 dd d0 e5 a2

Available Products

The product Control Performance Analytics (CPA) has to be ordered according to the number of control loops to be analyzed or optimized.
Additionally and mandatory the access to the data services - Process Data Analytics Base - has to be ordered once for each service object. Control Performance Optimization has to be ordered according to the number of planned optimization calculations.


Package NameOrder NumberDescription
Process Data Analytics Base9AS1112-0AA01-0AA0

Process Data Analytics Base (One-time fee). Access to a web application for up to five users for a period of twelve months for the Service Object. This access is a prerequisite for the retrieval of analysis data from Process Data Analytics services (e.g. Control Performance Analytics).

Control Performance Analytics


Control Performance Analytics (One-time fee). Analysis and assessment of the control performance of up to ten selected PID control loops for a continuous period of up to 31 days. Prerequisity is an existing service element Process Data Analytics Base for the Service Object.

Control Performance Optimization9AS1111-1AA01-0AA0

Control Perfomance Optimization (One-time-fee). Enhancement of one or more CPA service elements to include up to ten optimization calculations for PID parameters.

The portfolio elements and options allow the scalability according to the number of control loops to be analyzed and optimized.  

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