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Line integration at the Food & Beverage Industry (Overview)

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Siemens offers full standardized ready-to-use machine integration for OEM machine builders with full support by SIMATIC IT Line Monitoring System (LMS) for the line operating authority. To support this process, Siemens offers a concept based on PDI-Interface, Line HMI, Line Monitoring library, Network concept, etc.

In the Food & Beverage Industry is substantial room for improvement, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of existing and planned new production lines.
An essential contribution to this will provide the integrated linking of production lines and machines from the inbound of raw material to production, packaging up to the outgoing goods, as well as the consistent recording of production parameters like quantities, machine time, etc. These data can be analyzed by management systems and sustainable measures for improvement can be initiated to save production costs and optimize the usage of all resources like water, air, gas, energy and steam.
For these reasons customers increasingly install production monitoring systems covering the complete wall to wall production flow from intake of raw materials through the actual production of their products until the final packaging and palletizing for shipping.

Siemens offers full standardized ready-to-use machine integration for OEM machine builders with full support by Siemens Line Management System for the line operating authority. To support this process, Siemens offers for OEMs, Sis and end customers a ready to use concept based on PDI-Interface.
The software is based on the international standards of OMAC - User Group and Weihenstephan Standards which sets the industry-standard for the according data interfaces.

The ready-to-use machine integration of Siemens makes available the following ready solutions within the different automation levels:

For questions concerning the application, please feel free to address your Local Siemens Contact.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Based on the worldwide existing and all-purpose OMAC and Weihenstephaner Standard, which are defined by end-customers


  • Pre-engineered and tested modules from the market leader for automation technology
  • Minimization of engineering time
  • Easy integration of management systems for the line integration, like SIMATIC IT LMS


  • Higher transparency of all plant information
  • Improvement of analysis options
  • Acceleration of decision-making through optimal views of information with the aim of
    • Increase the availability
    • Reduction of unplanned shutdowns
    • Reduction of failures
    • Optimization of the resource management
    • Transparent data availability for all levels of task


  • OMAC – Specification ANSI/ISA-TR88.00.02-2015 (Approved 26 October 2015)
  • Weihenstephan - Specification of the Interface content (Version 08)
  • STEP 7 V5.5 SP3 is recommended for S7-300 / S7-400
  • TIA Portal Professional V13 SP1/V14 for TIA Portal S7 Engineering
  • SCOUT 4.4 for SIMOTION
  • SIMATIC WinCC V7.4 for line integration via WinCC Channel
  • SIMATIC NET V12.0 SP2 for line integration via OPC-Server

The procedure is valid for higher versions of SIMATIC PCS 7, STEP 7, TIA Portal, SIMOTION SCOUT and SIMATIC WinCC. 

  Line Integration Concept for Food & Beverage Lines - White Paper (697,1 KB)

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