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Line integration Concept for the Food & Beverage Industry (Overview)

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Siemens Line Integration solutions allow end customers to monitor their assets, analyze their current production effectiveness on filling and packaging lines and provide valuable information that help to reduce downtime, ensure quality, hence saving costs.

The Food & Beverage industry, filling and packaging lines often do not run with an optimum of efficiency and hence offer substantial room for improvement. This usually applies to existing but also to new installations of those production lines.
An essential contribution to improve the efficiency will be provided by the integration of all the machines of a production line into an operational data acquisition system that provides a consistent recording of production parameters like machine status information, produced quantities, throughput information, etc.
This information can be used by data analysis systems to initiate sustainable measures for improvement to save production costs and optimize the usage of all resources like water, air, gas, energy and steam.

For OEMs and system integrators, Siemens offers a standardized, ready-to-use integration concept for production machines in filling and packaging lines in the Food & Beverage industry.
This Line Integration Concept is available as an application example which is currently implemented with WinCC V7 and PM-Analyze.
Customer projects can utilize the Line Integration application example as a starting reference and adapt or extend it as required:

Any Line Integration project can be furthermore supported on different automation levels by the following solutions / concepts:

For questions concerning the application, please feel free to address your Local Siemens Contact.

Your benefits at a glance


  • Based on the well-established OMAC PackML and Weihenstephan industry technical standard which help harmonizing the machine data and make machine integration a lot easier


  • Based on industry proven, powerful and reliable Siemens hardware and software products
  • Pre-engineered and tested modules / implemented concepts from the market leader for automation technology
  • Minimization of engineering time
  • Easier integration of machines into a line management and monitoring systems such as provided by the Siemens Line Integration Concept

  • Complete solution for shopfloor automation, shopfloor connection, network diagnose and Line Integration from one single vendor based on best practices and customer feedback
  • Parallel integration of existing and new machines into one Line Integration system 
  • Centralized PLC based engineering framework provided by LCU to implement line-wide machine- and conveyor control strategies
  • Faster rollout of projects to other filling/packaging lines due to standardized machine data interface and reuse of the existing Line Integration project as a template due to easy configuration / engineering


  • OMAC – Specification ANSI/ISA-TR88.00.02-2015 (Approved 26 October 2015)
  • Weihenstephan - Specification of the Interface content (Version 08)
  • TIA Portal Professional V13 SP1/V14 for TIA Portal S7 Engineering
  • SCOUT 4.4 for SIMOTION
  • SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1 for line integration via WinCC Channel
  • SIMATIC NET V12.0 SP2 for line integration via OPC-Server

The procedure is valid for higher versions of SIMATIC PCS 7, STEP 7, TIA Portal, SIMOTION SCOUT and SIMATIC WinCC. 

  Line Integration Concept for Food & Beverage Lines - White Paper (697,1 KB)

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