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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109485514, Entry date: 10/20/2016

Sales and Delivery Release for MindConnect Nano

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The MindConnect Nano offering containing a device that allows connectivity to the MindSphere Platform is released for sales and delivery. MindConnect Nano can only be used in conjunction with MindSphere.

1. Product Description

MindConnect Nano is a device that allows connectivity to MindSphere. Different protocols are supported in order to collect data. The device supports transmission of data encrypted through a secured internet connection to MindSphere to enable cloud-based applications and services. MindConnect Nano can only be used in conjunction with MindSphere. It contains Open Source SW which is provided free of charge.

1.1. Supporting Protocols

MindConnect Nano supports field data collection via the following protocols: 

  • Siemens S7 (for collecting data from S7-3xx  / S7-4xx / ET-200s  PLCs); 
  • OPC UA (for collecting data from all data sources which can provide data via an OPC UA server); the MindSphere Nano supports data collection with Part 8 of the OPC UA specification (Data Access).

1.2. Configuration Details

For each Asset, one MindConnect Nano should be used. When one MindConnect Nano is connected to multiple PLCs, the data from all PLCs would be logically grouped under one Asset for the purpose of all cloud applications. A MindConnect Nano can be connected to a maximum of 32 PLCs, depending on the configuration.

The MindConnect Nano can be configured via the online MindSphere Asset Configuration tool. With this tool, the MindConnect Nano can be configured, authenticated and connected to MindSphere and logically attached to an Asset or a machine. The configuration of the protocols, time series variables and their frequencies of collection, the network settings for the internet interface and the machine interface, are all configured via the engineering tool. The MindConnect Nano displays the status of data connection and status of configuration updates via onboard LEDs. In case of internet connection failure, it buffers data for a reasonable period of time (depending on the use case and data volume) to prevent any loss of data.

1.3. Basic Technical Features

The MindConnect Nano is extremely compact, with approx. 1 liter enclosure volume. With its sealed metal enclosure, it enables flexible deployment in harsh conditions.

Basic design: 

  • All-metal enclosure, resistant to vibrations and shocks, also with high electromagnetic compatibility
  • Isolated power supply: 24 V DC (19.2 to 28.8 V)
  • Interfaces (accessible from one side): 2 x LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet interface (RJ45)
  • 1 x USB V2.0

For more information on MindConnect Nano technical features, please refer to 109742258.

1.4 Specific Terms

  • User restrictions: All software installed on or provided with or in connection with MindConnect Nano (including updates) (“MindConnect Nano Software”), can only be used in conjunction with MindSphere.
    The MindConnect Nano shall not be tampered with for sending data to any application, platform, database or any other target storage or analytics solution other than MindSphere.
  • Open Source Software Components: Siemens will identify the Open Source Software (OSS) components contained in MindConnect Nano, including the applicable license text and will include such license text(s) in or provide them together with MindConnect Nano.
    Should the license(s) applicable to any part of the OSS require the distribution of the OSS’s source code and build scripts together with MindConnect Nano (or, alternately, an offer to make the source code and build scripts available upon request), then Siemens will provide such source code or such offer to Purchaser together with MindConnect Nano. No license fee is charged to the Purchaser for the use of such OSS.
    Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Siemens provides no warranties, expressed or implied, and no indemnification for the OSS itself. Purchaser hereby accepts that the OSS is subject to the specific license terms included in or provided together with MindConnect Nano. To the extent there is a conflict between these terms and the open source specific license terms, the latter terms shall prevail with regard to the OSS.
    For more information regarding Firmware and OOS, please refer to 109745561.
  • Update Procedure: Siemens may, in its sole discretion, make available updates or security patches to the MindConnect Nano Software for download or otherwise, and will provide reasonable notice via MindSphere or otherwise when such updates or security patches are available.
    All updates and security patches are solely within Your responsibility.
    Please be aware that MindConnect Nano is not available during the update and all data that are collected during the timeframe of the update will be lost. Siemens disclaims all warranty and liability for such data loss.
    Please be aware that Siemens reserves the right to disallow MindConnect Nano with a firmware version other than the most current from connecting to MindSphere. Due to technology evolution, another MindConnect Element may be required in the future to connect to MindSphere.
    A MindConnect Nano running on firmware versions other than the latest may not be able to be updated to the current version.
  • Security: MindConnect Nano sends all data in an encrypted form and employs separate physical network interfaces to maintain separation of automation and IT networks. All data drivers in the MindConnect Software are written to have a read-only access to the field devices. The MindConnect Nano has a security hardened operating system with no open inbound network ports. It protects integrity and confidentiality of collected data (i) in transit by SSL/ TLS encryption, (ii) at rest by encryption on the local filesystem and (iii) by state-of-the-art authentication and authorization mechanisms for the connections to MindSphere.

For more information on MindConnect Nano specific terms, please refer to 109742258.

2. Customer Benefits

  • Fast and easy connectivity of industrial machines and automation systems to MindSphere
  • Data collection via standard industrial protocols
  • Rugged design for maintenance-free, continuous operation
  • Comprehensive security concept in accordance with applicable industry standards

3. Ordering Information

 Article NameArticle No. 
 MindConnect Nano 9AC2112-8BA12-0KA1

4. Contact Person

For further information please find your local Siemens partner at

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