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Delivery Release SIMATIC Comfort Outdoor Panel (HMI Comfort Outdoor)

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Delivery release for the SIMATIC HMI TP700 Comfort Outdoor Panel is granted as of 04/04/2016. Delivery release for the SIMATIC HMI TP1500 Comfort Outdoor Panel is now also granted as per 02/03/2017.

Delivery release

Delivery release for the SIMATIC HMI TP700 Comfort Outdoor Panel is granted as of 04/04/2016.
Sales and delivery release for the SIMATIC HMI TP1500 Comfort Outdoor Panel was granted as per 02/03/2017.

The new SIMATIC HMI Outdoor Panels ring in a new era for SIMATIC. The SIMATIC HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels now also support the easy, cost-efficient and smooth realization of applications in outdoor areas or areas with similar conditions, e.g. cold storage houses.

Product description

The target lies in the realization of new applications in the most diverse sectors.

Target sectors:
- Oil / gas
- Maritime
- Agriculture
- Off-shore
- Mining
- Transportation
- Power generation & distribution
- Paper and pulp
- Water/wastewater
- Chemicals
- etc.

Application in outdoor environments

All advantages known from industrial indoor applications for years are maintained. Of course, also the usual performance is granted 100 %. This also allows for the high-performance operation of complex applications. Whether existing projects are to be utilized or new projects are to be set up on the "greenfield” - the required configuration tool WinCC (part of the TIA Portal) offers perfect support.
SIMATIC HMI Outdoor Panels do not require any additional measures such as heating, air-conditioning, UV protection, etc. Merely a control cabinet suitable for outdoor applications is required. No further measures are typically required. Of course, further measures may nevertheless be reasonable for applications subject to extreme borderline conditions or beyond. Such measures may for instance include a rock guard for the display in quarries or a heating at temperatures of below -30 °C in the Arctic.

Outdoor system

With the new SIMATIC Outdoor Panels, suitable PLCs and rugged outdoor I/O, almost any idea can be specifically implemented in outdoor environments. Starting with waste presses, biogas plants, wind turbines, pumping stations, special-purpose vehicles, right through to ships and oil rigs.
The SIMATIC Outdoor Panels feature everything required for such close-to-nature applications. Our target focused on the uncompromising implementation of proven technology in outdoor environments.

Daylight-readable display

The display’s sound readability at all times represents the paramount prerequisite for outdoor applications. Factors to be considered include constantly changing light conditions as well as blinding direct incidence of light on the display. This “anti-glare” challenge is perfectly mastered by the new SIMATIC HMI Outdoor Panels with the daylight-readable display, which ensures brilliant representation of the configured image content also in daylight conditions.

Example of a semi-anti-glare SIMATIC HMI Outdoor Display at 10,000 candela back light.

Thanks to its UV salt fog-resistant and explosion-proof design, also the front contributes to this feature. The bonded (optically glued) front additionally prevents any condensate to infiltrate the individual display layers, thereby excluding smears on the display.

Automatic or manual dimming

Moreover, the SIMATIC HMI Outdoor Panels feature a display dimming function as a standard. Dimming can be switched from automatic to manual mode at the push of a button or a mouse-click via the control panel. The integrated dimming function offers the advantage of automatic display adjustment to the ambient brightness. Of course, the minimum and maximum values are adjustable.

This is also possible when multiple Comfort Panels are to be centrally controlled by a sensor or controller. For this purpose, we provide a prefabricated PLC block and an interactive HMI faceplate for free download. This allows for the easy realization of almost any special dimming requirement.

Effortless connection

The Simatic HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels’ rear features the familiar IP20 degree of protection and all interfaces already known from the Standard Comfort Panels.
Of course, USB 2.0, audio (in/out) and PROFINET (RT/IRT) interfaces, which support line or redundant ring operation without additional costs thanks to integrated PROFINET switch, are included. This provides the level of safety particularly required in outdoor environments at all times.

Service and service concept

Provisions have also been made for service cases. With outdoor applications, it is not always possible to have hardware replaced by a special service technician. The SIMATIC HMI Comfort Outdoor Panel offers support with its integrated "Backup/Restore" service function. Only a SIMATIC HMI memory card has to be inserted in the service SD slot. The rest is done fully automatically by the system.
Should the panel fail, it can then be replaced with a backup device by any qualified electrician or operator. The SD service card is inserted in the backup device and all data up until shortly before the defective panel’s failure are loaded upon system start. It continues operation exactly at the point where the defective panel left off.

Aggressive environments

For application in environments subject to aggressive corrosive gases, the devices can be additionally coated according to customer specifications. Your known Siemens contact partners will be pleased to support you. Save for a few exceptions, coating is generally not required in standard outdoor environments.


Condensate, typically on the front, may only form during switch-on in cold environments and even then only after prolonged off phases .
As the electronics discharge heat directly upon switch-on, condensation on the board can be virtually excluded. This viewpoint is shared by our competitors in the outdoor sector, who also offer PCB coating only as an option. Risk of condensation is excluded in applications where the panel is never completely switched off but remains in standby.

Standards and certificates

The following standards and certificates are scheduled for Simatic HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels. These need not be available upon delivery release. Moreover, only the standards imprinted on the rating plate on the device rear are applicable to the respective panel.

Listing with rough schedule of availability, applicable to 7" Outdoor Panels:

Certificate type / StandardSIMATIC HMI Comfort Outdoor
Explosion protection
Ex 2/22Since April 2016
IECEx-2/22Since April 2016
cFMus Class I Div. 2Since April 2016
Marine applications
ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)Since 09/22/2016
BV (Bureau Veritas Marine Branch)3-6 months after delivery release
DNV (Det Norske Veritas)Since 07/15/2016
LRS (Lloyd's Register of Shipping)3-6 months after delivery release
Class NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)3-6 months after delivery release
PRS (Polski Rejestr Statkov)3-6 months after delivery release
Germanic Llyod (GL)Since 09/22/2016
CCS - China Classification Society3-6 months after delivery release
KR - (Korean Register of Shipping)Since 01/04/2017

The standards and certificates specified on the device are always valid, these can change!

Configuration in the TIA Portal

Configuration of Simatic HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels WinCC V13 SP1 Update7 and HSP or higher (download). Designation of the HSP: HSP0149 HMI TP700_1500 Comfort Outdoor

Existing projects of Simatic HMI TP700 Comfort can be loaded onto a Simatic HMI TP700 Comfort Outdoor one-to-one by means of device switchover.

For further data and quantity structures, refer to the operating instructions or the respective technical data of the SIMATIC HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels. Suitable accessories are listed in the Industry Mall.


Ordering data

SIMATIC HMI TP700 Comfort Outdoor


SIMATIC HMI TP1500 Comfort Outdoor6AV2124-0QC13-0AX0

Current prices are listed in the Industry Malland can be inquired from your Siemens contact partner.

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