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Configuring and Using the Energy Meter 480VAC

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Measurement, limit monitoring and error diagnostics by means of the ET200SP AI Energy Meter 480VAC ST for triple single-phase and single three-phase loads

In industry, energy efficiency is of increasing significance. Compliance with laws and regulations, increased pressure on return on investment and a growing awareness of climate protection are key factors for the reduction of energy costs and the implementation of an energy management system.

The Energy Meter 480VAC is ideal for performing the tasks of such an energy management system.

In this application example, two versions of loads are integrated:

  • Version 1: three single-phase loads
  • Version 2: one three-phase load

Two use cases shall be illustrated for each version:

  • Use case 1: Reading measured data
    • Setting up a user data structure for each load.
    • Configuring user-specific user data in the module.
    • Preparing the user data.
    • Operating and displaying the user data
  • Use case 2: Condition monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Configuring a limit for each load (active power).
  • Providing information in case of limit violations of the loads.

  • Already existing stations can be expanded by an energy measurement component.
  • Can be used directly in your own projects.

Documentation and example project
  Documentation (1,8 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Code for STEP 7 V13 SP1 (19,4 MB)

In addition to the example project, a library is available containing the data records and various data types for the Energy Meter 480VAC. For further information in the data records of the library, please refer to the manual of the Energy Meter 480VAC.
 Registrierung notwendig  Library for Energy Meter 480VAC (885,5 KB)

Further information
Energy Meter 480VAC ST Manual

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