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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 109485794, Entry date: 08/07/2018

SIMATIC - Failsafe library LDrvSafe to control the Safety Integrated functions of the SINAMICS drive family

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The library includes fail-safe SIMATIC S7 blocks to implement various Safety applications in conjunction with a S7-1200F, 1500F and SINAMICS drives coupled through PROFIsafe.

This library is intended to realize different Safety application, e.g. simple control of SINAMICS Safety Functions via PROFIsafe as well as failsafe diameter detection, up to Safety Integrity Level 2 (EN 62061) and Performance Level d, Category 3 (EN ISO 13849-1).

Overview about realized function blocks:

  • PROFIsafe control words (telegrams 30 to 903 with SINAMICS G and S)
  • PROFIsafe status words (telegrams 30 to 903 with SINAMICS G and S)
  • Safety Info and Control Channel (telegrams 700 and 701 with SINAMICS G and S)

  • Safe Referencing to use Safety Functions SLP, SP and SCA

  • Acknowledge changed hardware to adapt hardware checksums, e.g. after changing safety-relevant hardware

    • Safe diameter calculation and adaption of the SLS limit at winding application 
      • Calculation of average value 
      • Monitoring of discrepancy
      • Unmasking sensor values
      • Calculation of radius
      • Calculation of Safely-Limited Speed as a function of the radius 

    Further application about winding application:
    - SIMATIC Converting Toolbox 58565043
    - SIMOTION Winder 35818687
    - DCC Winder  38043750 

    Additional keywords
    motioncontrol_apc_applications, Safety, S7-1200 F-CPU, S7-1500 F-CPU

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