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How do you operate a COMOS License Server (CLS) without USB dongle?

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You have the possibility of using your COMOS License Server (CLS) via a so-called host ID without a dongle. The procedure for this is described in detail in this entry.

System requirements

  • CLS version V1.7.0 or higher
  • .NET Framework V2.0

  • Your server must be in a Windows domain (Organization Unit).

  • Released 32-bit operating systems:
    - Windows XP Pro SP3

    - Windows Server 2003 SP1

    - Windows Server 2008 SP1

    - Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 7

  • Released 64-bit operating systems:

    - Windows Server 2003 SP1

    - Windows Server 2008 SP1

    - Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

    - Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 7

Read out parameters

In order to be able to use your CLS without a dongle you need a COMOS license file that is linked to the host ID of your computer.
You can order this from your COMOS contact from Sales.

For ordering you need three parameters from the server system on which the CLS is to run:
- PC names
- Name of the domain
- Windows product ID

Your new COMOS license file is generated based on these parameters.
If one of these parameters changes later, when installing a new operating system, for example,
the license is no longer valid.
The parameters mentioned have to be read out again to order a new license file.

  1. Open the web page www.siemens.com/gtac.
  2. Scroll down and click the "Additional GTAC Resources" tab.

    Fig. 01
  3. Click the item "COMOS License Host ID At Customer".

    Fig. 02
  4. Save the .exe file on your PC and then unpack the .zip file.
  5. Double-click the "Comos.LicenseHostIdAtCustomer.exe" file to execute it.

    Fig. 03

    The "Prepare COMOS LS Host-ID" window opens.

  6. In this window you click the "Retrieve values" button.

    Fig. 04

    The parameters are read out and displayed.

  7. Click the "Save values to a file..." button to save the data on your PC.

    Fig. 05
  8. Send the data with the request for a host-ID-linked COMOS license file to your COMOS contact.

    Fig. 06

Enable host-ID-linked COMOS license file

When you receive the new license file, you must proceed as follows to use it instead of the USB dongle (dongle ID):

  1. Start the CLS.

    Fig. 07
  2. The "Server Monitor" window opens. This shows the current CLS status.
    It also shows that the CLS is still linked to a USB dongle (dongle ID).
    Click the "Stop COMOS LS" button.

    Fig. 08

    The status display switches from "green" to "red".

    Fig. 09

  3. Close the "Server Monitor" dialog.
  4. In your CLS installation path you open the following directory:
    "COMOS License Management > Data > License".
  5. Move the "old license file" into another directory.
  6. Copy the new COMOS license file into this directory:
    "COMOS License Management > Data > License".

    This directory should then only contain the "CLS Host-ID license".

    Fig. 10

  7. Restart the CLS.
  8. Click the "Start COMOS LS" button.

    Fig. 11

    The status display switches from "red" to "green".
    The new license is distributed to the associated clients and you run your CLS without USB dongle.

    Fig. 12

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