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What is the meaning of the message about different firmware versions with a PROFINET IO device and how do you use the Online Diagnostics for network components?

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In the diagnostics status of a PROFINET IO device there is message when the configured version of the firmware is different to the version loaded in the device.

This can be easily interpreted as an error message. It is permitted that the firmware loaded in the device is of a higher version than that configured. The modules are backward compatible.

It is not permitted to configure a firmware version higher than the one loaded in the module.

Fig. 1

The module is indicated as defective, which means that

  • You have established an online connection to the IO controller.
  • In the project tree the Distributed IO and the IO device concerned display an error.

If the diagnostics status of the IO device displays the message shown in Fig. 1, then it is not the firmware version that is the cause of the error of the IO device. Use the Online Diagnostics to determine the cause of the error.

Fig. 2   
Example of using the Online Diagnostics with SCALANCE X208
In this example we show how to use the Online Diagnostics for an SCALANCE X208 when it reports an error and the message shown in Fig. 1 is displayed in the diagnostics status. To find the cause of the error you should check the following dialogs in the Online & Diagnostics view of the module.

In the Online & Diagnostics view of the SCALANCE X208 you navigate to "Diagnostics > PROFINET interface [X1] > Communication diagnostics". Here the interface of the SCALANCE X208 reports a media redundancy error and one port of the SCALANCE X208 reports an error on the partner. These two messages cause the SCALANCE X208 to display an error and not the firmware version.

Fig. 3

In the Online & Diagnostics view of the SCALANCE X208 you navigate to "Diagnostics > PROFINET interface [X1] > Domain > MRP domain". Here you find detailed information about the media redundancy error. The IO device is MRP Manager and the MRP ring status is Open.

Fig. 4

In the Devices and Networks editor you open the Topology view. Here you find details about the port error. The cable that connects Port 2 of the IO device with the IO controller is missing and therefore is shown in red. In this case the error was easy to locate and clear.

Fig. 5
Once the error has been cleared, the Distributed IO is error free.

Fig. 6
The message about the different software versions persists. However, this is not an error. The IO device has no error or fault.

Clear message about the different firmware versions
In the case of SCALANCE products you can download the device GSDML in the web server under "System > Save & Load HTTP > Save GSDML". If you install the downloaded GSDML in STEP 7, you can configure the firmware version identical to that loaded in the device. Then the message about the different firmware versions no longer appears.

Fig. 7

Creation Environment
The screenshots in this FAQ response were created with STEP 7 V13 (TIA Portal).

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The installed (online) firmware version is not identical with the configured (offline) firmware version.

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