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Export Graphics Tool: Exporting graphics from WinCC (TIA Portal) to a local directory

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Exporting graphics from a WinCC (TIA Portal) configuration to a directory of your choice. Allows quick and easy customization of images using image editing software.

The Microsoft Windows operating system provides "MS Paint" for editing graphics. This software is sufficient for minor changes to graphics. In order to use external graphics editing programs with a greater range of functions, the existing graphics must first be exported.

The "Export Graphics Tool" exports all graphics from an existing WinCC (TIA Portal) configuration to a directory of your choice. The tool retains the original file type and the object properties (e.g., transparency). After editing, the graphics are re-inserted into the configuration.

The supplied documentation describes all the steps necessary to use the "Export Graphics Tool".

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  Documentation (1,2 MB)

Export Graphics Tool code V15.1
 registration required  TIA Export Graphics Tool V15.1 CODE.zip (62.7 KB)

Export Graphics Tool code V15 
 registration required  TIA Export Graphics Tool V15 CODE.zip (62.9 KB)


CODE archive
WinCC V14 and V14 SP1
 registration required  TIA Export Graphics Tool archive code (138.0 KB)

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    "TIA Openness" Entry ID: 108716692
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    "What is the meaning of the warning "The '...' graphic is used in different resolutions ..." when compiling a WinCC (TIA Portal) project? 109478773
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    "In WinCC (TIA Portal), how do you edit graphics which are used in faceplates?"104077044

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Updated to WinCC (TIA Portal V15)

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