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3WL Training

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These courses cover training on all topics related to every aspect of 3WL air circuit breakers.


The participants will learn the design, functional principal and operation of the 3WL air circuit breaker.

The main thrust of the course is on teaching practical product knowledge, in order to enable service and operating supervision personnel to correctly inspect and service 3WL circuit breakers and to replace the spare parts listed in the catalog.

More information is available at LV-CBMAIN


The participants will learn the opportunities and advantages of communication with SENTRON components, such as 3WL and 3VA circuit breakers and intelligent measuring devices such as the 7KM PAC.

They will know the requirements for the connection of hardware components to the various bus systems and be able to implement them in practice. The effective use of the commissioning and parameterization tool powerconfig is taught in a comprehensive practical unit.

You can get more information from the LP Training Center in Regensburg: tc-regensburg.de@siemens.com


The participants will learn about the circuit breakers in the SENTRON product range. The main focus is on 3WL air circuit breakers and 3VA molded case circuit breakers.

With this course, in particular project engineers and sales personnel will be enabled to make the correct and standard-compliant selection and configuration of these circuit breakers for various applications. The Siemens tools and documentation provided (manuals, catalogs) are effectively utilized.

You can get more information from the LP Training Center in Regensburg: tc-regensburg.de@siemens.com 


Target market:
- Operators (service and maintenance personnel)
- Implementers, planners (commissioning technicians, service personnel, project engineers, sales personnel)

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