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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109737135, Entry date: 06/06/2016

Delivery release for SIMATIC Field PG M5

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With immediate effect, the new SIMATIC Field PG M5 has been released for delivery.

The new tool for automation features excellent performance, a rugged magnesium enclosure and hardware optimized for industrial applications combined with the pre-installed SIMATIC engineering software.

Field PG M5

Highlights of the SIMATIC Field PG M5:

The mobile, industrial Field PG M5 programming device is the optimal tool for automation engineering and an ideal platform for the SIMATIC engineering software:

  • Powerful sixth generation Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processor (Skylake)

  • Fast work memory (up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM)

  • High capacity data storage (up to 1 TB HDD/SSD)

  • 4x USB 3.0 Super Speed ports (of which 1x USB Type C)

  • Robust enclosure made of stable magnesium with rubber-protected corners and retractable handle

  • All conventional interfaces for industrial applications onboard = no adapters required!

  • Pre-installed SIMATIC Engineering software = turnkey!

The Field PG M5 is equipped with a 15.6" full HD display (1920 x 1080) and supports Bluetooth V4.0 as well as the latest WLAN standard 802.11ac.

Thanks to the integrated industrial and SIMATIC interfaces, no additional adapters are required for automation tasks:

  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) for PROFINET connections
  • 1x COM/RS232 (25-pin socket - can be adapted to 9-pin socket with adapter)

External monitors can be easily connected for convenient engineering work at the office:

  • 1x Display Port (max. resolution: 4096 x 2304 @ 60Hz)
  • 1x DVI-I (max. resolution: 1920 x 1200); VGA connection also possible with provided adapter

Up to 4 external USB devices can be connected to the Field PG M5 via USB 3.0 Super Speed:

  • 3x USB Type A
  • 1x USB Type C

Just like its predecessors, the Field PG M5 is equipped with a DVD-RW drive.

This means that the Field PG M5 is optimally suited for engineering work at the office and for commissioning, service or maintenance of automation systems in the field.

The Microsoft BitLocker functionality is supported by the integrated Trusted Platform Module TPM 2.0 and thus offers access and operating system protection as well as secure data encryption.

Using the built-in smart card reader, for example, encrypted e-mails can be easily sent and received with the Field PG M5 - an external smart card reader is not needed.

The integrated Intel® Active Management Technology (iAMT) enables the company IT department remote access to the Field PG over standard Ethernet. This enables the remote control of the Field PG in order to, for example, restore or upgrade Field PGs or for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Field PG M5 versions:

The Field PG M5 will be available in two versions:

  • SIMATIC Field PG M5 Comfort equipped with Intel Core i5-6440EQ (2.7 to 3.4 GHz; 4 cores; 6 MB Smart Cache)
  • SIMATIC Field PG M5 Advanced equipped with Intel Core i7-6820EQ (2.8 to 3.5 GHz; 4 cores + Hyper-Threading; 8 MB Smart Cache)

These two versions can be configured as follows:

Hardware featuresConfiguration options


  • 1x 8 GB
  • 1x 16 GB
  • 2x 16 GB
Hard disk drive

2.5" SATA

  • 1 TB HDD
  • 512 GB SSD
  • 1 TB SSD
Power plug and keyboard


  • Power plug for Europe; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY
  • Power plug for Europe; keyboard: AZERTY (France)
  • Power plug for Italy; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY
  • Power plug for Switzerland; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY
  • Power plug for USA; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY
  • Power plug for UK; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY
  • Power plug for China; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY; including CCC certification *)
Licenses for SIMATIC software
  • Trial (restricted use for 14 to 21 days)
  • STEP 7 & WinCC on TIA Portal (floating licenses for TIA Portal)
  • STEP 7 & WinCC Combo (floating licenses for TIA Portal and STEP 7 2010 or WinCC flexible 2008)
S5 support
  • Without S5 support
  • With S5 online interface/S5 EPROMMER; including STEP 5 license, S5 PLC cable and S5 EPROM adapter *)

*) Available in a later delivery stage

All devices are always delivered with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and the following pre-installed SIMATIC software including V13 license key:

  • STEP 7 Professional V13 SP1 (TIA Portal)
  • STEP 7 Professional 2010 SR4
  • WinCC Advanced V13 SP1 (TIA Portal)
  • WinCC flexible Advanced 2008 SP3
  • Startdrive V13 SP1
  • PLCSim V13 SP1


Pre-installation of software version V14 (TIA Portal) on the Field PG M5 is in preparation - release will take place close to the date of the delivery release for V14.

Drivers for Windows 10 are in preparation.

Ordering information

Please note that the MLFB structure has changed as compared to the Field PG M4.

Supporting configurators will be published and maintained in the Siemens Mall (as of 1 July 2016 at the latest) as well as in the TIA Selection Tool (as of 1 August 2016).

Service option

In addition to the standard liability for defects of the Field PG, you can sign up for an Extended Exchange Option (EEO). This option covers any repair costs up to one year after expiration of the standard liability for defects.

It is possible to sign up for an EEO for up to 12 months after product delivery. The EEO coverage period for Field PGs can be selected for between 24 and 36 months in increments of 6 months. During this coverage period, you will receive free replacement or repair of defective products that are covered as agreed in the EEO.


Product description
Article number
Field PG backpack for Field PG M5/M46ES7798-0DA02-0XA0
Memory module 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM SO-DIMM6ES7648-2AK70-0PA0
Memory module 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM SO-DIMM6ES7648-2AK80-0PA0
Hard drive replacement kit (1 TB HDD, protective bag, Torx screwdriver for Field PG M5/M4)6ES7791-2BA02-0AA0
SSD replacement kit (512 GB SSD, protective bag, Torx screwdriver for Field PG M5)6ES7791-2BA22-0AA0
SSD replacement kit (1 TB SSD, protective bag, Torx screwdriver for Field PG M5)6ES7791-2BA23-0AA0
SATA for USB 3.0 adapter for Field PG M5/M4/M36ES7790-1AA01-0AA0
Li-Ion battery 8.8 Ah for Field PG M56ES7798-0AA08-0XA0
External Field PG M5 power supply6ES7798-0GA04-0XA0
Supply cable with power plug for Europe for Field PG M5/M4/M26ES7900-5AA00-0XA0
Supply cable with power plug for UK for Field PG M5/M4/M26ES7900-5BA00-0XA0
Supply cable with power plug for Switzerland for Field PG M5/M4/M26ES7900-5CA00-0XA0
Supply cable with power plug for USA for Field PG M5/M4/M26ES7900-5DA00-0XA0
Supply cable with power plug for Italy for Field PG M5/M4/M26ES7900-5EA00-0XA0
S5 PLC cable 5 m6ES5734-2BF00
MPI cable6ES7901-0BF00-0AA0
S5 EPROM adapter6ES7798-0CA00-0XA0
SIMATIC IPC Image & Partition Creator V3.46ES7648-6AA03-4YA0
STEP 7 Prof. Combo Software Update Service (SUS) Standard6ES7810-5CC04-0YE2
STEP 7 Prof. Combo Software Update Service (SUS) Download6ES7810-5CC04-0YY2
STEP 7 Prof. in the TIA Portal Software Update Service (SUS) Standard6ES7822-1AA00-0YL5
STEP 7 Prof. in the TIA Portal Software Update Service (SUS) Download6ES7822-1AE00-0YY0
WinCC Adv. Software Update Service (SUS) Standard6AV6613-0AA00-0AL0
WinCC Adv. Software Update Service (SUS) Download6AV6613-0AA00-0AY0

Additional information

The Field PG website has been updated:



A YouTube video (DE / EN), recorded at the Hannover Messe, shows the highlights and the design of the device.

Security information
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