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IO-Link – An Overview of the Most Important Documents and Links

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This site gives you an overview of the most important documents and links for IO-Link.

Getting Started and IO-Link Components

This link list helps you to get started with the topic of IO-Link.

IO-Link and Siemens
Brochure "IO-Link for full transparency down to the lowest field level"
Website of the IO-Link Company Community


IO-Link - All Modules
SIMATIC IO-Link system
IO-Link Master
Industrial Switchgear
RFID Systems

Software and Function Blocks

This list gives you the links for downloading software and function blocks.

Software and Firmware

S7-PCT V3.5 SP2 Upd1 for IO-Link master
IODD Device Description Files
Firmware Updates for IO-Link Master

Function Blocks

Library for IO-Link (LIOLink)
SIMOTION: Acyclic Reading and Writing with the IO-Link Library

Applications Examples

Below are application examples that will help you for using IO-Link.

All application examples for IO-Link
Application of the device-specific blocks for IO-Link
High-precision Gap Measurement with an Advanced Light Barrier via ET 200eco PN IO Link Master
Reading and Writing RFID data with SIMATIC RF200 IO-Link readers and SIMATIC S7 controllers
Safe switching of IO-Link motor starter combination 3RA27 with safety relay 3SK1
SIRIUS Innovations Load Feeder with IO-Link Connection to the Control and Integration into STEP 7(CE-FE-III-012-V20-EN)
SIRIUS Innovations Compact Starter with IO-Link Connection to the Control and Integration into STEP 7(CE-FE-III-010-V20-EN)


SIMATIC ET 200SP IO-Link Master
TIA Selection Tool - IO-Link


Here you will find responses to frequently asked questions all about IO-Link.

How is the IO-Link diagnostics structured and what options are there in the S7 CPU for accessing the diagnostics data?
How do you use the Port Configuration Tool "S7-PCT" to establish a connection to the IO-Link Master?
How do you determine the Vendor ID and the Device ID of an IO-Link device?
Current consumption for 3SU1 AS-Interface and IO-Link modules
How do you parameterize IO-Link master and devices across gateways with the S7 Port Configuration Tool (S7-PCT)?
Why is the menu item for starting S7-PCT in STEP 7 disabled in some IO Link master modules?



SITRAIN – Digital Industry Academy
SITRAIN personal – Germany
SITRAIN access - Digital Learning Platform 

SITRAIN - UK and Ireland
SITRAIN - Australia
SITRAIN - Canada

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