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Setting up a secure VPN Connection between CP 1543-1 and SOFTNET Security Client

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Setting up a secure connection between a PC of a service technician and a SIMATIC-Station over the Internet with the aid of CP 1543-1 and SOFTNET Security Client.

Due to increased networking through Ethernet, remote diagnostics and/or remote maintenance are of great importance in modern automation systems. Today's Internet access mechanisms (wireless, broadband) and the security components from Siemens are an ideal combination for industrial remote communication.
A VPN tunnel is the typical way to establish a secure connection between two networks (e.g., automation networks or individual devices).
A VPN is a virtual, logical private network based on a publicly accessible infrastructure. Only communication partners that belong to this private network can communicate with each other and exchange information and data. 

This application shows the user how to establish a secure connection between two networks over the Internet with the aid of Siemens' Security Products portfolio.

The security modules CP 1543-1 and SOFTNET Security Client are used to implement the task.

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The solution described in this application has the following characteristics:
  • VPN tunnel for flexible access to the automation cell - possible, for example, for a service employee.
  • Controlled, encrypted data traffic between CP 1543-1  and SOFTNET Security Client.
  • Integrated network diagnostics via SNMP or Syslog.
  • The firewall, VPN server and communication settings are made directly in the CP 1543-1; the security functions are integrated in the communications processor.
  • Protection of the SIMATIC controller without an additional security module.
  • Secure lower-level networks can be operated via additional Ethernet/PROFINET interfaces, realized by the CPU or additional CPs.

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