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When scrolling through alarm logs, how do you avoid the view being reset when new alarms arrive?

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When scrolling through alarm logs in an alarm display, the window content suddenly shifts if a new alarm arrives while viewing. This FAQ response describes how to retain the scroll position in the view despite arrival of new alarms.

Alarm displays permit scrolling through the separate alarms if the number of pending alarms exceeds the window size. If new alarms arrive while you are viewing the alarm display, the display is reset to the top.

This behavior is useful when viewing the latest alarms. However, if alarm logs are to be evaluated, a reset is unwanted. This FAQ response shows how to prevent the reset by having the alarm display refer not to the current log, but to a copy of it.

You have created an alarm log (called, for example, "Meldearchiv_1" = Alarm log 1) and in it you store the alarms that arrive during operation.


  1. Create another alarm display for displaying the copy of the alarm log.
  2. Under "Properties > Properties > General", in the "Display" area you go to the "Alarm log" option field and in the input field you select the copy of the alarm log, in our example "Meldearchiv_2". (If necessary, create the corresponding file via the "Add" button.)

    Fig. 01
  3. Immediately before you display the alarm log (by clicking a button, for example), you use the system event "CopyLog" to copy the current log to the log to be displayed.
  4. For this you parameterize "CopyLog" as follows:
  • "Log type": "Alarm log"
  • "Destination log": Name of the log copy to be displayed in the alarm display, in our example "Meldearchiv_2".
  • "Source log": Name of the source log, in our example "Meldeanzeige_1"
  • "Mode": "Overwrite"
  • "Delete source log": "No"

Fig. 02

The alarm display now reproduces the static copy of the alarm log. Newly arriving alarms are not added to this copy of the alarm log and there is no reset to the head of the alarms.

  • Depending on the size of the logs and the performance of the HMI operator panel, it might take a few minutes for the copied log to be displayed. Take this into account when configuring.
  • Note that the source and target logs of the copying procedure must be identical in size and logging method.

Further Information
The WinCC Advanced V13 SP1 System Manual (Entry ID 109091876) and the Online Help of WinCC (TIA Portal) provide detailed information about how to use the system function "CopyLog".

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