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Visualizing Energy Data of a SITOP PSU8600

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Visualize output-specific voltage, current and power data of basic device and expansion modules of the SITOP PSU8600 with SIMATIC WinCC Comfort / Advanced via a ready library. The data is read via the freely available communication blocks for the SITOP PSU8600.

In an automation network a power supply often supplies many consumers. Considerations so far, frequently include a rough analysis of the primary feed and of the secondary consumer. However, for maintenance, analysis and evaluation purposes, total transparency of the energy distribution is required down to the smallest consumer of a plant.


This application example shows how you can visually display secondary voltage, current and power data of the SITOP PSU8600 (for basic device) and expansion modules output-specifically with SIMATIC WinCC Comfort/Advanced.

The application example uses the communication blocks "SITOP_PSU8600" and "SITOP_CNX8600" from the application example "SITOP PSU8600: Faceplate and Communication Blocks (TIA Portal, STEP 7 and WinCC)" (entry ID:102379345) and reads the cyclic data from the data and main modules with them. Then the data is saved in a global data block (DB).

Fig. 02

The "LPSU8600EnD" library provides ready PLC and HMI components that you can simply integrate in your TIA Portal project, using drag-and-drop.
Via the PLC components, the secondary, output-specific voltage, current and power data of basic and expansion modules are extracted from the global data block. Together with the minimum and maximum status values, the data is saved in another global data block. The controller exchanges data with the HMI operator panel via a HMI connection.
Via the HMI components from the library a visual display is integrated in your project.

The application example furthermore shows two different options of how you can output-specifically calculate power and energy data of a SITOP PSU8600. The 1st option uses a simple function block, the 2nd option uses the "SIMATIC Energy Suite" option.

Advantages/added value

  • Time and cost savings during engineering
  • Expandability
  • No additional hardware required (for example, measuring device)
  • No additional wiring effort
  • Easy display of output-specific voltage, current and power data of the
    SITOP PSU8600


  • SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V14 or higher
  • SIMATIC WinCC Comfort/Advanced V14 or higher
  • SIMATIC S7-1500
  • SIMATIC Energy Suite V14 or higher

Documentation, example projects and libraries
  Documentation (1,7 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Library "LPSU8600EnD" (1,3 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Project "Visualizing Energy Data" (19,7 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Project "Visualizing Energy Data with SIMATIC Energy Suite" (25,2 MB)

Further Information

  • Download page to the SITOP PSU8600 firmware update: 102295547
  • Application example "SITOP PSU8600: Faceplates and Communication Blocks (TIA Portal, STEP 7 and WinCC)": 102379345
  • Application example "SIMATIC Energy Suite - visualization examples" 109739775
  • Application example "SIMATIC Energy Suite - Getting Started" 109739102
  • Manual SITOP PSU8600 - basic devices with four outputs: 105867947
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  • Application example "Shutdown of IPCs with Software Controller in SITOP PSU8600 Buffer Mode": 109737962

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