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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 109738084, Entry date: 08/30/2016

SIMATIC IPC – Protection against data loss

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Analysis of risks that may lead to data loss as well as risk minimization measures.

Investment protection not only includes material goods but also immaterial values like data stored on an industrial computer. Production downtime, the effort required for restoring the industrial computer’s function, or the loss of locally stored parameter sets for optimized production processes may cause substantial damage. Hence, improving the protection of these data is an important task for a successful business.

Protection against data loss

This document is concerned with risks that may cause data loss and shows measures that can help minimize those risks and avoid damage. It contains practical solutions with step-by-step instructions for selected topics.

  109738084_IPC-Protection_against_data_loss_EN.pdf (1,5 MB) 

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backup, restore, data carrier, failure, error, overheating, EWF, RAID, USV, security, diagnosis

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