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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109738131, Entry date: 08/15/2016

SINAMICS Technology Extension: Delivery release for the new version V1.3 of the VIBX (Vibration Extinction)

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With immediate effect, the new version V1.3 of the SINAMICS Technology Extension VIBX has been released for general delivery.

1. Brief description of the product

The SINAMICS Technology Extension POLYGON, part of the Advanced Technology Functions, is an expansion for the SERVO and VECTOR drive objects. The SINAMICS Technology Extensions are also known as SINAMICS Open Architecture.

The Vibration Extinction includes a setpoint filter, which reduces oscillation from the vibratory system based on the setpoint in the case of acceleration or delays.
The setpoint filter changes the reference variable (setpoint) of an axis so that as little vibration as possible is excited in the natural frequency range of the moving mechanical system. This function is primarily deployed on storage and retrieval machines to significantly reduce mast vibrations caused by acceleration and braking. It has been demonstrated that reducing the mast vibrations will allow the mast to come to a standstill more quickly and so enable it to handle goods faster.

1.1 Highlights

  • Reference value (setpoint) filter to reduce natural mechanical vibration during movement
  • No additional filter or actuator required to operate the setpoint filter
  • Dynamic frequency adaptation available when changing the natural mechanical vibration during operations
  • Deadtime symmetrization possible with coupled axes

  • Flexible area of application when using a basic positioner (EPos) and Dynamic Servo Control (DSC) in the drive

2. Areas of application/typical applications

For example, the following applications can be implemented with VIBX:

  • Oscillation damping for rack-serving unit 92045471
  • Vibration damping by positioning applications with natural mechanical vibration

Stacker crane

3. Product features and technical details

In the Technology Extension, a reference value (setpoint) filter is implemented that supports the following two application modes:

  • Application mode "Basic positioner (EPos) and position control (LR)"
The setpoint filter acts between the function modules "Basic positioner, EPOS" and "Position control, LR". The position setpoint and velocity setpoint are filtered between the output of EPos and the input to the LR.
  • Application mode "Dynamic Servo Control (DSC)"
    The setpoint filter acts between the PROFIdrive receive telegram for DSC and the DSC controller. Process data XERR and NSOLL_B are filtered before they are used in the DSC controller.

The filter characteristics can be set using frequency and damping (attenuation).

Via a connector input, in operation, the filter frequency can be linearly changed between two extreme values. This means that the filter frequency can be tracked to follow the changing natural frequency of a mechanical system (e.g. as a result of different load states). The filter frequency is shifted across a constant deadtime, making it possible to keep coupled axis in symmetry with VIBX.

The "Robust" and "Sensitive" filter types allow the accuracy of the parameterized frequency fd to be adjusted in relation to the sensitivity.

A detailed description with examples can be found in the following Functional Manual:

4. Preconditions

The Technology Extension can be subsequently added to SINAMICS S120, SINAMICSS150 and for SINAMICS Integrated in the versions SIMOTION D4x5-2 and SINUMERIK 840D sl as of SINAMICS firmware V4.4, and is available for download as software at 109738044. VIBX can be activated for the SERVO and VECTOR drive objects and is parameterized there.

The use of VIBX requires a license. The Runtime license can be ordered via article number 6SL3077-0AA00-5AB0 or as option U03 to CompactFlash Card.

5. Supplementary conditions and functional restrictions

There are no supplementary conditions and functional restrictions for VIBX.

6. Ordering data

The Runtime license for the licensing of the Technology Extension VIBX can be ordered via article number
6SL3077-0AA00-5AB0 or as option U03 to CompactFlash Card.

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