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Time-based IO with the SIMATIC S7-1500 and TM Timer

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For the distributed IO systems ET 200MP and ET 200SP the technology modules TM Timer DIDQ 16x24V and TM Timer DIDQ 10x24V are available for reading signals with a high time resolution at the digital inputs and for outputting them at the digital outputs. Here, what is known as time stamps are used.

Time-based IO stands for time-based processing of input and output signals. For this, all events are related to a common time base, the so-called TIO_Time. The TIO_Time delivers unique time values during the entire runtime of the SIMATIC CPU, so that an input and output signal can be assigned a unique time value, a what is known as a time stamp, for each event.

Fig. 01

The present application example is to explain you all functions and the application of time-based IO in an application. On the simple example of a conveyor belt with a pusher, the highly-precise acquisition of a product and the highly-precise output of an output signal via time-based IO is illustrated.


The example gives you all required basics and configuration information. In addition, the reading, processing and output of the signals via time stamp is illustrated in the program block. Based on this application example, independent applications for highly-precise signal acquisition and signal output can be realized.

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Realizing the technologcal function "Measuring input" and "Output cam", you could use the Technology Objects of TIA Portal V14. You will find additional information to these Technology Objects at TIA Portal Online Help or in the operation manual "Motion Control" in TIA Portal (Entry-ID 109481326)

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