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Switching a S120 Motor Module to a loaded DC-Link

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At the moment there is the demand for a selective switching of individual Motor Modules during operation on a site. As an example to switch off a defective Motor Module connected to a loaded DC-Link or to switch on a repaired Motor Module to a loaded DC-Link



SINAMICS S120 Motor Modules (MoMo) – Chassis Format Units


Type rating:

110kW – 800kW (510V – 720V)

75kW – 1200kW (675V – 1035V)




With the following wiring proposition it is possible to switch the Motor Module to a loaded DC-Link.

The dimensioning of the pre-charging resistors can be seen in the table at the end of the document.

  FAQ_MoMo_mit_externer_Vorladung_am_ZK_en.pdf (110,6 KB)

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