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User Administration in WinCC (TIA Portal)

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This application example shows you how to successfully implement a user administration in WinCC (TIA Portal) and thus configure access protection for functions. Moreover, you will see the difference between local and central user administration. Configuring a central user administration using SIMATIC Logon is also documented.

Automation facilities are sophisticated and complex technical systems. Operation by unauthorized staff can result in misuse and lead to disruptions in the production process. To prevent this, the system functions have to be access protected to give only authorized persons access.

To restrict access to the facility, WinCC (TIA Portal) and its integrated user administration provides a suitable platform to implement such a concept.

The solution presented here demonstrates how to create users in the user administration, assign them to user groups and subsequently configure authorizations for them. It also describes which configuration steps are necessary to establish access protection for a Runtime function. Additionally, you will see how to log a user in and out via system functions and display the currently logged in user.

In a next step, the concept of central user administration is presented and how to implement such a user administration using SIMATIC Logon.


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