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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109738579, Entry date: 06/30/2016

Notice of discontinuation ET 200S modules IM151-1FO, IM151-3PN HS, 4DI SRC, 4DO SNK, 2AI TC ST effective October 1, 2016

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A notice of discontinuation is declared for some ET 200S modules effective October 1, 2016 (milestone PM400). The modules can still be ordered as usual from the new parts warehouse until type discontinuation (milestone PM410).

A notice of discontinuation (milestone PM400) is issued for the following modules effective October 1, 2016:

  • Interface module IM151-1 FO (article number 6ES7151-1AB05-0AB0)
  • Interface module IM151-3PN HS (article number 6ES7151-3BA60-0AB0)
  • Digital input module 4DI SOURCE INPUT (article number 6ES7131-4BD51-0AA0)
  • Digital output module 4DO 24VDC/0.5A SINK OUTPUT (article number 6ES7132-4BD50-0AA0) Analog input module 2 AI TC STANDARD (article number 6ES7134-4JB01-0AB0)

The SIMATIC ET 200SP successor system can generally be recommended as replacement. Below are some alternative solutions based on ET 200SP or ET 200S for the discontinued modules.

Alternatives for IM151-1 FO

ET 200SP

IM155-6PN ST (6ES7155-6AU00-0BN0) with BusAdapter BA 2xSCRJ (6ES7193-6AP00-0AA0)

IM155-6DP HF (6ES7155-6BA00-0CN0) with OPTICAL BUS TERMINAL 2.0 (6GK1500-3AA10)

ET 200S

IM151-1 ST (6ES7151-1AA06-0AB0) with OPTICAL BUS TERMINAL 2.0 (6GK1500-3AA10)

Alternatives for IM151-3PN HS

ET 200SP

IM155-6PN HF (6ES7155-6AU00-0CN0) with BusAdapter BA 2xRJ45 (6ES7193-6AR00-0AA0)

Alternatives for 4DI DC24V SOURCE INPUT

ET 200SP

DI 8x24VDC SRC BA (6ES7131-6BF60-0AA0)

ET 200S


Alternatives 4DO DC24V/0.5A SINK OUTPUT

ET 200SP

DQ 8x24VDC/0.5A SNK BA (6ES7132-6BF60-0AA0)

ET 200S

8DO DC24V SINK OUTPUT (6ES7132-4BF50-0AA0)

Alternatives 2 AI TC ST

ET 200SP

AI 4xRTD/TC HF (6ES7134-6JD00-0CA1)

ET 200S

2 AI TC HF (6ES7134-4NB01-0AB0)

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