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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109738588, Entry date: 07/01/2016

Announcement of product phase-out for LOGO! 6

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With effect from 1 October 2016, the entire LOGO! 6 series will be declared phase-out products (PM400).

From this date, LOGO! 6 products will remain available to customers for at least 1 year as new parts and up to 4 years as replacement parts.

I would ask the sales representatives to inform their customers so that they can initiate retrofitting measures.

We recommend LOGO! 8 as a successor.

List of affected article numbers:

LOGO! Basic

LOGO! 12/24RC 6ED1052-1MD00-0BA6
LOGO! 24C6ED1052-1CC01-0BA6
LOGO! 24RC6ED1052-1HB00-0BA6
LOGO! 230RC6ED1052-1FB00-0BA6

LOGO! Pure without display

LOGO! 12/24RCo6ED1052-2MD00-0BA6
LOGO! 24Co6ED1052-2CC01-0BA6
LOGO! 24RCo6ED1052-2HB00-0BA6
LOGO! 230RCo6ED1052-2FB00-0BA6

LOGO! digital modules

LOGO! DM8 12/24R
LOGO! DM8 246ED1055-1CB00-0BA0
LOGO! DM8 24R6ED1055-1HB00-0BA0
LOGO! DM8 230R6ED1055-1FB00-0BA1
LOGO! DM16 246ED1055-1CB10-0BA0
LOGO! DM16 24R6ED1055-1NB10-0BA0
LOGO! DM16 230R6ED1055-1FB10-0BA0

LOGO! analog modules

LOGO! AM26ED1055-1MA00-0BA0
LOGO! AM2 RTD6ED1055-1MD00-0BA1
LOGO! AM2 AQ6ED1055-1MM00-0BA1

LOGO! text display

LOGO! TD6ED1055-4MH00-0BA0

LOGO! optional cards

LOGO! memory card6ED1056-1DA00-0BA0
LOGO! battery card6ED1056-6XA00-0BA0
LOGO! memory/battery card6ED1056-7DA00-0BA0

LOGO! accessories

LOGO! PC cable6ED1057-1AA00-0BA0
LOGO! USB PC cable6ED1057-1AA01-0BA0
Modem cable6ED1057-1CA00-0BA0

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