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Product Announcement, Sales and Delivery Release of the KTP Mobile Labels (Labeling Strips for KTP Mobile 4", 7" and 9")

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The front panel protective membranes for KTP Mobile 4", 7" and 9" labeling strips are hereby released for delivery.

The front protection membranes for KTP Mobile 4", 7" and 9" specially developed for the industrial environment not only protect the front panel from rough everyday operation, they can also be used to hold 3 labeling strips. The membrane is non-reflective and can be removed residue-free.

Even buttons on a device's interfaces can be labeled with the labeling strips.

The labeling strips can be be download free of charge as template 11274631 and created. They must be printed on transparent film. Due to the variety of printer types available in the market, the information provided here about the film best suited for your printer can only be general in nature. The film thickness should not exceed 125ym. The labeling strips can be cut out after printing the A4 template. Using double-sided adhesive dots (included with the set), these labeling strips are mounted on the front panel. The adhesive dots can be removed again if needed.

Finally, the KTP Mobile front panel protective membrane is laid over everything. The front panel protective membrane can thus be changed without losing the labeling strips or having to print them again.

All necessary parts are included in mounting set, with the exception of printing film for the labeling strips.

Registrierung notwendig SPRINTIS_Datenblatt_KP_Reinacrylat.pdf (27.3 KB)for the adhesive pads TypKP.15.P_A.AL.1000.334A or on themanufacturer pageof the SPRINTIS company.

4" Set of front panel protective membranes

7" Set of front panel protective membranes

9" Set of front panel protective membranes

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Week 28/2016

Week 26/2016

Week 31/2016

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