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What do you have to watch when transporting a Field PG lithium-ion battery / a complete Field PG?

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The safety data sheet and manufacturer certificate for the current Field PG lithium-ion batteries (Status: 01/2018) are available in this entry.

Lithium ion batteries are classified as "hazardous materials" (hazmat) for all types of transport (road, rail, sea and air) in compliance with the applicable hazardous materials regulations. However, it is possible to transport with reduced requirements because the capacity of the lithium-ion batteries is under 100Wh.

The table below shows the assignment of the current Field PG lithium-ion batteries to the Field PGs.

 Field PG M3 Field PG M4 Field PG M5 Field PG M6
Designation of the original batterySP303SP304SP305SP306
Article number of the replacement battery6ES7798-0AA06-0XA06ES7798-0AA07-0XA06ES7798-0AA08-0XA06ES7798-0AA10-0XA0

Current delivery package when ordering a replacement battery

SP305 + BIOS UpdateSP305 + BIOS UpdateSP305SP306

When you order a Field PG M3 or M4 replacement battery, you have to perform the enclosed BIOS update so that the Field PG battery will be charged. More information about this is available in Entry ID: 89257613.

The Field PG batteries and complete Field PGs listed in the table are classified with the following UN numbers in the hazardous materials law:

  • UN3480 lithium-ion batteries
  • UN3481 lithium-ion batteries packed with equipment or integrated in equipment

Lithium-ion batteries shipped individually, even when packed in with the Field PG, have to be identified in compliance with the hazardous materials law. When the lithium-ion battery is integrated in the Field PG, this identification is currently required only if there are three or more Field PGs in the package.

The shipper in question is always responsible for compliance with the hazardous materials regulations and must ensure that trained staff are available or engage an qualified service provider.

Below you can download the associated "MSDS" (Material Safety Data Sheet), the "Manufacturer’s or Supplier’s Certification for Lithium Battery" and the "Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods" (SP305 and SP306).

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