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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109739100, Entry date: 08/01/2016

SINUMERIK 840D sl New features for Safety Integrated in Software Versions 4.7 SP2 and 4.7 SP3

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For Safety Integrated with SINUMERIK 840D sl, we can offer you some interesting new features with Software Versions 4.7 SP2 and 4.7 SP3.

EnDat 2.2 interface

With immediate effect, you can also use measuring systems with EnDat 2.2 interface for application cases using Safety Integrated. Please ensure that the measuring systems used have been developed according to SIL2 or PL d.


Global checksums

The global checksum has been introduced to quickly check the current checksum in the controller using a reference checksum. The global checksum consists of an "Engineering Checksum" and a "Hardware Checksum".


From Software Version 4.5 SP6, the hardware checksum will be stored in a logfile when replacing safety-relevant hardware.

Software upgrade

When upgrading the software from software version 4.5 to 4.7, the checksum is no longer changed when the safety parameters change.

Safety Info Channel and Safety Control Channel

The Safety Info Channel (information from the drive to the controller) and the Safety Control Channel (information from the controller to the drive) have been introduced to exchange status messages.
Thus, for example, safety status information can be supplied from external axes to the SINUMERIK 840D sl.

Safe Brake Test

From Software Version 4.7 SP2, you can use the safe brake test in SINAMICS, also in combination with SINUMERIK Safety Integrated. This significantly reduces the application expenditure for the user. An appropriate application example is provided here: 109477754

Acceptance test

The Acceptance test has been integrated in SINUMERIK Operate (available as from Software Version 4.7 SP3). The Look and Feel is mostly identical to the existing acceptance test in SinuComNC.

Secure communication

The SINUMERIK option "SI-Connect" (6FC5800-0AS67-0YB0) allows to extend the available three standard safe communication connections to 16.

Abort of the stopping delay time

With the stop requirements C, D and E, and when switching from safe speed to safe operating stop, you can parameterize via a machine data whether the signal "safe operating stop active" shall already be output when reaching a specific speed limit, and not after expiry of the stopping delay time. As a result, this signal, which is often used to unlock the protective door, would be available earlier.

2-encoder safety

Safety Integrated can be operated as a 1-encoder system or a 2-encoder safety system. On the 2-encoder safety system, you had to use so far encoders, which have been developed acc. to SIL 2 and PL d, also for the second measuring system. With immediate effect, you can use a "Single Channel Safety Encoder" for the second measuring system. Such a measuring system is currently used by the Fagor company and canonly be used in the 2-encoder safety system.

ET 200SP failsafe

With immediate effect, you can use the failsafe communication module (3RK7136-6SC00-0BC1) for the connection of AS-i Slaves also in combination with SINUMERIK 840D sl and Safety Integrated.

Hydraulic module

Software Version 4.7 SP2 now also includes integrated safety functions for hydraulic axes.

If the hydraulic module is directly assigned to the NCU, the SINAMICS Safety Basic Functions (STO and SS1) can be used. If the hydraulic module is connected via PROFIBUS or PROFINET and, for example, CU320 to the SINUMERIK 840D sl, the SINAMICS Extended Functions are provided.


All system-integrated (SINUMERIK Safety Integrated) safety functions are also provided for the distributed drive SINAMICS S120M.

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