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SIWAREX MULTISCALE – Software for batching plants

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SIWAREX FTA and SIWAREX MULTISCALE software enables batching plants to be developed cost-effectively. Typical fields of application are multi-component dosing for one or more scales according to a recipe.

The control of the weighing procedure is completely run from the weighing module as if in separately constructed weighing electronics. The integration in SIMATIC however enables the progress of the weighing procedure to be influenced directly from the PLC program. In this way you get a useful job distribution: the very fast weighing functions are implemented in the SIWAREX module, the locks and signal links in the PLC.

SIWAREX MULTISCALE is responsible for recipe-controlled program tasks in the SIMATIC S7. In SIWAREX MULTISCALE, calls of the relevant scales are coordinated, commands and setting values are passed to the scales according to progress of the process, and the data from the scales are prepared for visualization.

The Software SIWAREX MULTISCALE  is available for Step7 as well as for TIA-Portal.  The project SIWAREX MULTISCALE contains an S7 program, message system and a visualization to operate. The SIMATIC Manager project contains the AlarmS messaging system. The TIA Portal project contains a bit messaging system.

The product info describes structure and functionality of the program.


  Multiscale_for_S7.zip (4,2 MB) 

 Registrierung notwendig  Multiscale_for_TIA-Portal.zip (7,9 MB)

  Produktinfo_Siwarex_Multiscale_15_en.pdf (595,7 KB)

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