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SIMATIC IPC – Protection against power failures

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Measures for the protection of an IPC against power failures and resulting data loss.

In a production hall, there is a production machine, an electric drive motor and an industrial PC (IPC) to control and monitor the production process. The IPC, the production machine and the electric motor are supplied via the same power grid. During the switch-on process, the motor requires a high start-up current. This often causes voltage fluctuations in the electric supply grid and
an insufficient power supply of the IPC. As a result, malfunctions and data loss may occur.
Therefore, the energy supply of the IPC should be stabilized with a suitable power supply. This way, data loss resulting from an instable supply system can be prevented. The IPC shall continue to work independently in the event of a power failure of several seconds. If the power failure lasts longer, the IPC shall shut down by itself

Protection against power failures

This application example covers the protection of a SIMATIC IPC against voltage fluctuations and power failures

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USV, UPS, SV, PSU, power, voltage, failure, protection, buffer

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