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What are the conditions for using the TIA Portal Cloud Connector?

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In TIA Portal V14 and higher you can run the TIA Portal software in a private cloud.

The TIA Portal Cloud Connector enables you to access local PC interfaces and SIMATIC hardware connected to it in TIA Portal Engineering while Engineering is being run in a private cloud via Remote Desktop.

In order to be able to use this function to the full you need the TIA Portal Cloud Connector that has to be installed in both the private cloud and on the local PG/PC to which the PLC/HMI is connected.


Special conditions apply the TIA Portal Cloud Connector in addition to the software conditions that apply for you (Standard Terms and Conditions for the Transfer of Software for Automation and Drive Technology).

You can read these conditions in the PDF document below that you can also download:

The TIA Portal Cloud Connector is designed for use with the following TIA Portal software and hardware products: