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Energy Data Acquisition with the Energy Meter of the S7‑1200

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Acyclic reading out of energy data with the energy meter of the S7‑1200 and saving the measured data.

In industry, energy efficiency is of increasing significance. Compliance with laws and regulations, increased pressure on return on investment and a growing awareness for climate protection are key factors for the reduction of energy costs and the implementation of an energy management system.

The energy meter acquires energy data. Together with the functionality of the S7-1200 it is possible to evaluate measured data, to display it and to archive it.

In this application example it is shown...

  • how you can read out energy data acyclically,
  • how you can calculate the average power and
  • how you can save the measured data cyclically in a data log file.


Fig. 1

  1. Energy data is measured with the energy meter
  2. With the S7-1200 the measured energy data is processed further and saved.
  3. With the HMI and/or a PC/PG you can visualize the data measured.
  4. With the PC/PG you can download created data logs during running operation.


  • Direct use in own projects
  • Support in the realization of own projects with the energy meter

Documentation and example project
  Documentation (2,2 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Project (TIA Portal V14 SP1) (2,8 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Project (TIA Portal V15) (7,2 MB)

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