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Configuration of a Ring Topology Based on “MRP”

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Use of the ring redundancy protocol MRP (“Media Redundancy Protocol”) for setting up a redundant PROFINET communication with SIMATIC S7 and SCALANCE X.

Fault tolerance is an important basic requirement for factory and process automation or for energy supply. To increase availability, industrial communication networks are designed with redundant physical connection paths between the network nodes.

One solution approach is the ring topology. It offers a number of advantages:

  • Fast detection of a network error and reconfiguration of the network.

  • Can be implemented for small and very large networks.

  • Cost-effective due to reduced wiring involved.

  • Clear and simply structured wiring.

  • Plant can be expanded during operation.

  • Standardized protocol ensures compatibility of devices from different manufacturers.

This application example shows the functioning of the “Media Redundancy Protocol” (MRP) and how you can use it to implement a redundant PROFINET communication with SIMATIC components and SCALANCE modules.

MRP is intended to increase the network availability in ring topologies and ensures loop-free communication.

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