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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109739644, Entry date: 08/19/2016

SINUMERIK 828 – new features for Safety Integrated in software release 4.7 SP2

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For Safety Integrated with SINUMERIK 828, we can offer some interesting new features with software release 4.7 SP2.

EnDat 2.2 interface

Effective immediately, also measuring systems with EnDat 2.2 interface can be used for applications with Safety Integrated. Please ensure that the measuring systems used have been developed according to SIL 2 and PL d.


Global checksums

The global checksum has been introduced to quickly check the actual checksum in the control system against a reference checksum. The global checksum comprises an "engineering checksum" and a "hardware checksum".


From software version 4.5 SP6, the hardware checksum will be stored in a logfile when replacing safety-relevant hardware.

Safety Info Channel and Safety Control Channel

The Safety Info Channel (information from the drive to the control system) and the Safety Control Channel (information from the control system to the drive) have been introduced to exchange status messages.
This means, for example, safety status information can be supplied from SINAMICS to the SINUMERIK 828.

Safe brake test

From software release 4.7 SP2, the safe brake test can also be used in SINAMICS in conjunction with SINUMERIK 828. This significantly reduces the application costs for users. An appropriate application example is provided here: 109476677

Acceptance test

The acceptance test for SINUMERIK 828/SINAMICS S120 safety functions has been integrated into SINUMERIK Operate. An acceptance test can be created for SINAMICS Basic Functions as well as for SINAMICS Extended Functions.


Transparent commissioning screen forms have been integrated into SINUMERIK Operate for SINAMICS Safety Basic Functions as well as for SINAMICS Safety Extended Functions. These screen forms have been adapted to the look & feel of the STARTER commissioning tool.

External axes

Via Profinet and, for example CU320, two external (help) axes can be connected to SINUMERIK 828. SINAMICS Safety Basic functions (Safe Torque Off, Safe Stop 1, Safe Brake Control) can be used for these axes.

Safe end stops (SLP)

4 software limit switches (2 pairs) are available to safely monitor traversing ranges.

For additional information on the individual points, please contact your Siemens contact person.

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