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TIA Portal Openness: Generating a Modular Machine with S7-1500

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With TIA Portal Openness you can automatize and remote control your engineering tasks in the TIA Portal with independent scripts.

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TIA Portal Openness: Introduction and Demo Application

The aim of the application example is to start the TIA Portal via a remote control and to configure and generate a STEP 7 project for a modular machine. All variants of the system are automatized with the same STEP 7 project and without reconfiguration.

The "TIA Openness Project" starts the TIA Portal and opens the initial project. This project consists of a
pre-configured maximum configuration, which includes all variants of the machine. Depending on variant, the
„TIA Openness Project" changes the previously created XML files (program blocks) and imports this in the project.

The diagrammatic representation below shows what components are involved in the maximum configuration of the solution:

Files and projects that are used in this application example can be downloaded here.

Description and projects for TIA Portal V15

Description and projects for TIA Portal V14 SP1

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