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SIMATIC Energy Suite - Example of the Energy Data Files

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With this Excel macro you can graphically evaluate your Energy Suite energy data files.

In production, energy management plays an increasing role. First of all it is necessary to determine the relevant data in order to identify the energy consumptions of a plant.
With the help of SIMATIC Energy Suite you have the option to quickly and easily determine your energy data via measuring and automation devices. The data is archived in parallel at user-defined periodic intervals. Here, you have the option to either save the energy data files in a tag archive via WinCC Professional (TIA Portal) or on the SIMATIC memory card of the S7-1500. These files include raw data that is processed with this example.


The Excel macro evaluates your energy data files and creates example diagrams that you can use further or expand.The tool shows, for example, what options you have inMicrosoft Excel to evaluate your energy data files.


  • Time and cost savings through automatic data evaluation.
  • Easy option for the visualization of the energy archive data of the SIMATIC memory card.

  • Simple documentation of your energy data.

  • Expandability of the Excel macro

Documentation and Excel macro

Excel Macro for Memory Card / Webserver Archive data ("*.csv"- files)
  Documentation (1,3 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Excel Macro (csv-files) (4,1 MB)

b2 98 ee c5 f8 fb 13 1c 43 fc 44 c2 88 5d 77 08 6f 0e 5a a3 89 ab 89 cd f6 c0 ab 2e 9f 47 1d 49

Excel Macro for WinCC Professional Archive data ("*.xlsx"- files)
  Documentation (1,3 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Excel Makro (xlsx-files) (1,3 MB)

6e 5e ee 57 39 0b 87 42 e4 1d a8 1b d4 c6 68 5e b3 a4 fb 2c f9 2f c3 ef ed 17 d6 52 26 e4 dd 1c


  • This application example is created with Microsoft Excel 2010. The Tool includes macros that you have to enable first, after opening. The macro requires Microsoft Office 2010 or higher.
  • How to determine the SHA-256 checksum of a file is described in Entry ID 109483101.

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