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SIMARIS configuration

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Configuration of ALPHA and SIVACON distribution systems (DIN and NF technique)

Easy and consistent planing

With the SIMARIS configuration software you can configure and plan the ALPHA 3200, SIVACON S4 and SIVACON S8 power distribution boards as well as the ALPHA distribution boards, in DIN- and NF- technique in a quick and realible manner. The planing of the main and sub main power distribution can be planned with the software united in one platform. The SIMARIS configuration software supports the flexible planing of the different distribution systems as well as the configuration up to calculation and documentation. 

The handling of the software is intuitiv. Grafics make the correct selction of the components easy. The SENTRON protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices can be configured detailed for ordering. The integrated error check and power loss calculation ensures a correct configuration of the distribution system.


  • Quick, easy and fail-safe planning and configuration of the distribution systems united on one platform for the main and submain power distribution
  • Automatic power loss calculation
  • Easy price calculation and ordering
  • Comprehensive system documentation including type-test ceritification according to IEC 61439

Installation of the SIMARIS configuration software

1. Download of the basic package

 Registrierung notwendig  Setup_Simaris_CF_2_3.exe (270,4 MB)
SHA-256 checksum:  Registrierung notwendig  Setup_Simaris_CF_2.3.txt (1 KB) Information about SHA-256

2.  Download of the country specific license code

 Country:license  code: 

  Registrierung notwendig  AR_001.zip (4,3 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  EG_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  BE_001.zip (4,4 KB) 

  Registrierung notwendig  BO_001.zip (4,4 KB) 

  Registrierung notwendig  BR_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  BU_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  CL_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  CO_001.zip (4,4 KB) 

  Registrierung notwendig  DE_101.zip (4,1 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  EC_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  SV_001.zip (4,2 KB)
  Registrierung notwendig  FL_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  FR_001.zip (4,4 KB)
  Registrierung notwendig  ID_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  IT_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  HR_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  KE_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  LB_001.zip (4,3 KB) 

  Registrierung notwendig  LT_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  LU_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  MX_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  NL_001.zip (4,5 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  NO_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  OM_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  AT_001.zip (4,4 KB)
  Registrierung notwendig  PE_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  PL_001.zip (4,4 KB)
  Registrierung notwendig  PT_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  RU_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  RO_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  SA_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  SE_001.zip (4,4 KB)
   Registrierung notwendig  RS_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  CH_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  ES_001.zip (4,5 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  ZA_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  CZ_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  TR_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  UA_001.zip (4,4 KB)

  Registrierung notwendig  AE_001.zip (4,4 KB)

3. Start of the basic package .exe. The different technique packages are chossen and uploaded by the license code.

4. Any question? Please contact the Technical Support:

Phone: +49(911) 895-7222

System requirements for SCF

Supported operating systems:
Windows 7 64-bit, SP1
Windows 10 64-bit

Free space on hard disk:
up to 35 GB (depending on chosen hardware packages)

Processor/cycle frequency:
Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD Phenom II X4

Main memory / RAM:
8GB min. / 16GB recommended

Further software and hardware recommendations:
MS Office version: 2003, 2007, 2010
Recommended display resolution: 
4:3 format: 1280 x 1024 (recommended 1400 x 1050)
16:9 format: 1366 x 768 (recommended 1680 x 1050)

Security information
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