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Multiuser Engineering in TIA Portal

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With Multiuser Engineering in TIA Portal, you can work together with several other users on a project at the same time. Due to parallel editing of different objects within a multiuser project, configuration times can be reduced significantly.

In TIA Portal as of V14, various server configurations are available for the Multiuser Engineering functionality. This application example describes the parallel processing of projects with a “temporary multiuser server” the server functionality of which is implemented on a workstation. The multiuser server projects are also stored on the workstation with the multiuser server.

To be able to work on a multiuser server project together with several engineers at the same time within the framework of Multiuser Engineering, each engineer has to create an own local session. In the local session, the respective engineer can add changes and then check them in to the multiuser server project to publish them. After check-in, the changes made in the local session are available to all engineers in the server project again.

The figure below shows the “Temporary multiuser server” server configuration.

This application example describes the following aspects:
  • Configuring and managing a multiuser server
  • Creating and managing multiuser server projects
  • Creating and managing local sessions
  • Marking and checking in objects in a local session
  • Updating a local session
  • Exporting a local session as single-user project
  • Editing objects in the server project view

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