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Machine and Plant Diagnostics with ProDiag

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Monitoring machines and plants plays an increasingly important role in automation technology. The ProDiag functionality integrated in TIA Portal allows you to configure custom monitoring for your machine or plant, which also enables you to diagnose faults in the process.

This example shows a virtual conveyor system with two lifts. On the belt, cases are alternately transported to one of the lifts and then destacked upwards. The conveyor system is controlled using an operator panel and monitored with ProDiag. The different supervisions can be simulated and displayed on the operator panel.

This application example describes

  • the configuration of machine and plant monitoring with ProDiag,
  • the different types of supervision,
  • and the diagnostics of supervision errors on the operator panel.


  • With ProDiag process diagnostics, the supervisions are configured and not programmed.
  • This enables you to monitor your machine and plant without modifying the user program code.
  • Without a programmer, you diagnose the machine and plant directly on the operator panel.
  • Automatic synchronization ensures that all operator panel displays are always up to date.

Documentation and example projects TIA Portal V15
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