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How do you assign PROFIsafe addresses so that they are unique network-wide and CPU-wide?

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Various plant configurations have different requirements for the network-wide and CPU-wide uniqueness of PROFIsafe addresses. This document explains the requirements taking different configuration examples.

The assignment of unique PROFIsafe addresses in the viewed configuration depends on

  • The F IO used (PROFIsafe address type 1 or 2)
  • The interface used (integrated PN interface or communication module)
  • The network infrastructure (switches, PN/PN coupler, for example)

The document provided below shows the different plant configurations and explains the assignment of a network-wide and CPU-wide unique PROFIsafe address. The view starts with two plant parts with F IO of PROFIsafe address types 1 and 2, and a central F IO (see figure below):

Fig. 01

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