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How do you create a Device Description File for SINETPLAN?

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Procedure for creating a Device Description File for integrating your own devices in SINETPLAN

SINETPLAN uses Device Description Files for configuring and analyzing networks.

You have the options below if you want to integrate your own device in SINETPLAN so that it appears in the Device Catalog and can be configured as a network node:

  1. You create a Device Description File with SINETPLAN as described in the SINETPLAN documentation/Help (section entitled "Create Device Descriptions").
    SINETPLAN checks the consistency of the device properties during this dialog-driven procedure.

  2. You create the Device Description File directly taking into account the structure of the XML document.
    With this procedure you have to ensure the consistency of the device properties yourself.

    Many attributes and parameters stored in the XML file are also set with SINETPLAN in the dialog-driven procedure. Therefore you can refer to the description of these attributes and parameters in the SINETPLAN documentation (section entitled "Create Device Descriptions").

For SINETPLAN V1.0 SP1, the possibility of representing devices with multiple switching ASICs has been added to the descriptive features of the XML document. You cannot create the device description for these devices in SINETPLAN. You have to add the extension in the corresponding XML document. How this is done is described in the attached example of a Device Description File.

Here is an example of a Device Description File:
 Registrierung notwendig  Example_XML.zip (300,4 KB)

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