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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 109740475, Entry date: 10/13/2016

Local IPC Diagnostic Data in a Central Network Monitoring

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Monitoring the status of the SIMATIC IPCs is an indispensable task for guaranteeing the operation of PC-based systems.

Furthermore, the local diagnostic information shall also be reported to higher-level systems, for example, network management systems.
This entry explains how the local diagnostic information of DiagMonitor can be integrated into the central network management (SINEMA server).

The use of the SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor diagnostic and monitoring software allows early detection of potential faults in SIMATIC IPCs. The comprehensive, flexible communication options of SIMATIC IPC fault messages to the operating personnel helps to avoid plant downtimes and to reduce standstill times.
  • Monitors critical PC states for SIMATIC IPC (hard disk, RAID, CF, CFast, SSD, fan, temperature, CMOS battery voltage, system state).
  • Reports detected errors and also freely selectable service intervals. 
  • Communicates this information locally or remotely via SNMP, OPC, LAN, email and SMS text messages (telephone).
  • Acts through adjustable PC restart in the event of a watchdog interrupt and executes batch programs and executable files.
  • Logs all events in the Windows EventLog and optionally the measured temperature/fan data in a measurement data file.
  • Supports monitoring of networked SIMATIC Industrial PCs

The SINEMA Server software was especially developed for industrial applications. It provides the option to fully display networks and to monitor them. Using SNMP and whilst at the same time diagnosing with SIMATIC and PROFINET mechanisms, many aspects of plant diagnostic can be illustrated with just one tool. The data acquired is saved in a long-term archive and can be evaluated when required and displayed. The specified network diagnostic can additionally be integrated seamlessly in HMI/SCADA systems (for example, WinCC, PCS7) via OPC UA and web mechanisms.

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