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LOGO! Simply ingenious. Simply more. Tips and tricks (Video)

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The Media System shows tips und tricks using LOGO! and LOGO! Soft Comfort

LOGO! simply ingenious for small automation tasks
LOGO! is the perfect choice for the quick, easy and space saving implementation of small
automation projects. Whether for basic machines or plants, in building automation or for diverse applications in the private sector – LOGO! is the solution. Most important is the ease of use for the programmer and operator together with continuous and consequent development of the functionality.

LOGO! advantages at a glance

  • Large LOGO! display with optional text display
  • Ethernet interface in all LOGO! 8 basic units
  • Easy to use webserver in all LOGO! 8  basic units
  • Remote communication via cellular wireless network
  • Integration in the KNX building system bus
  • Backward-compatible software supports drag-and-drop configuration
  • Pre-programmed and ready-to-use functions, e.g. on-delay, off-delay, weekly timer, pulse-generator, astronomic timer
  • Up to 400 function blocks in one program
  • Easy to use software for Windows®, Mac OS® and Linux®

Media System
This media system shows tips and tricks to use LOGO! and LOGO! Soft Comfort more efficient and comfortable.


  • Networking LOGO! via drag&drop

  • Marking connecting lines in color

  • Programming exercise: Light and fan control

  • Programming exercise: PI controller

  • Programming exercise: Webserver

  • Programming exercise: Function keys

  • Programming exercise: Changing parameters

  • Using the Access Tool to read data

  • New: Digital signals as bar graph

  • New: Time as bar graph

  • New: Inverted signals

  • New: Online testing

  • New: Comments

  • New: Node value simulation

  • New: Looking for nodes

  • New: Network project

  • New: Configuring the startup time

  • New: Values in the trend view

  • New: IO Settings

  • New: Monitoring values

More information
Easy Entry in LOGO! and SIMATIC S7-1200
LOGO! Product overview

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