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Siemens provides different standard applications for the plastics industry. Due the modular design of the individual software components it is easily to combine each other and it can be adapted to any types of machines. From extruders up to injection molding machines, Siemens supply's software that can be adapted to any customer requirement and can be extended easily.

Are you looking for a preconfigured solution which allows you to save time and money during the commissioning of your extrusion machine?
Then you should look at our modular and open solution for extrusion machines.


The application solution EXT 1500 is based on our proven SIMATIC S7-1500 hardware.You decide what your machine should be able to provide. With the standard SIMATIC hardware you have everything under your control. SIMATIC S7-1500 stand for openness, modularity and performance.

The application solution TCP 1500 consist the following software modules:

TCP: The temperature control package TCP ensures a high-precision temperature control and is optimized for the requirements of the plastics industry. Besides its excellent control performance of heating and cooling processes the TCP consist although important core functions like different monitoring and alarming functions, cold start monitoring, automatic selftuning of control paramters and a week based production scheduler. 

DRV: By using the Drive package extruder can be controlled and regulated in any number. All the necessary monitoring and control functions are hereby included as well as synchronous speed control and flow or pressure control functions.

Technical Information

  • Recommended hardware: SIMATIC S7-1516, SIMATIC HMI TP1500c (On other Simatic hardware platforms available on request)
  • 6x drive control & 32x temperature controled zones
  • Expandible in 6-steps or 8-steps (with adjustes Simatic hardware components)

Drive Package - DRV 1500

  • Preconfigured drive control for up to 6 drives
  • Online parametrization and address assignment
  • Speed scaling
  • Limits for speed set values and act values, current, torque, start/stop cycles
  • Drive potentiometer
  • Pressure control
  • Scaling and limits for extended values like mass temperature or mass pressure
  • Trending with archival storage
  • Total speed control for groups of drives, synchron and asynchron

Temperature control package - TCP 1500

    • S7 1500 project incl. WinCC Advanced - operator sides
    • 32 control channels, expandable to 128 control  channels
    • Heat and / or cooling controllers
    • Adaptive controler for a fast compensation of distrubance
    • Two different parameter sets for heating and cooling
    • Auto tuning of all control parameter
    • Synchronized auto tuning of coupled heating & cooling zones
    • Plausibility check of actual values and controller loop
    • Start-up sequence for hot runners
    • Configuarble ramps for set values
    • Grouping of zones for simultane operations / Obversation of different temperature zones of one unit (e.g. extruder or die head)
    • Heating current monitoring
    • Group heating
    • Seven-day timer
    • Diagnostic check for inputs and outputs (Hardware I/Os)
      • Cold-start function

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    Further Information
    Standard application based on SIMATIC S7-1500
    Extrusion package - EXT 1500 109740571
    Extrusion package - EXT 1501 109742679
    Blow molding package - BMM 1500
    Temperature control package - TCP 1500 109742724
    Parison Control Technology - PCO 1500
    Motion Control Technology - MOT 1500
    Drive package - DRV 1500 109740972
    Extension license for Extrusion package or Temperature control package

    Standard application based on SIMATIC S7-300
    Extrusion package - EXT 3170 (small Extrusion package) 41305094
    Extrusion package - EXT 3370 (large Extrusion package) 41302671
    Extension license for Extrusion package or Temperature control package 48296225

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