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SIDOOR: Standard elevator door systems and released motors

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Overview of the SIDOOR Standard elevator door systems and the compatibility of the control devices with power supplies and motors

SIDOORAT12 control device (internal power supply):

  • Motors
    • SIDOOR M2 R + SIDOOR M2 L (120kg dynamic door weight)
  • Transmission belt
    • STS-S8M

SIDOOR AT40 CAN and SIDOOR AT40 RELAY control devices:

  • Power supplies
    • SIDOOR NT40
    • SIDOOR Transformer
  • Motors
    • SIDOOR M2 R + SIDOOR M2 L (120kg dynamic door weight)
    • SIDOOR M3 R + SIDOOR M3 L (180kg dynamic door weight)
    • SIDOOR M4 R + SIDOOR M4 L (400kg dynamic door weight)
    • SIDOOR M5 R + SIDOOR M5 L (600kg dynamic door weight)
      Note: The power supply NT40 is required for operating the M5 motor
  • Transmission belt
    • STS-S8M

SIDOOR ATE500E RELAY and SIDOOR ATE500E CAN (EC direct drive system) control devices:

  • Motor
    • SIDOOR MED280 (280kg dynamic door weight)
  • Transmission belt
    • STD-S5M

Below are the article numbers of the motors, power supplies and transmission belts mentioned:

Motor/Power supply/Transmission beltArticle number
M2 L6FB1103-0AT10-5MA0
M2 R6FB1103-0AT11-5MA0
M3 L6FB1103-0AT10-4MB0
M3 R6FB1103-0AT11-4MB0
M4 L6FB1103-0AT10-3MC0
M4 R6FB1103-0AT11-3MC0
M5 L6FB1103-0AT10-3MD0
M5 R6FB1103-0AT11-3MD0
Power supply NT406FB1112-0AT20-3PS0
Transformer 6FB1112-0AT20-2TR0
STS-S8M 4m (12mm)6FB1104-0AT01-0AB0
STS-S8M 45m (12mm)6FB1104-0AT02-0AB0
STS-S8M 4m (14mm)6FB1104-0AT03-0AB0
STS-S8M 55m (14mm)6FB1104-0AT04-0AB0
STD-S5M 4m (20mm)6FB1104-0AT05-0AB0
STD-S5M 45m (20mm)6FB1104-0AT06-0AB1

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