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PCS 7 Configuration Changes in RUN with Active Fieldbus Diagnosis

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The possibility of a configuration change in the RUN mode of PCS 7 systems raises the availability of the plant. With Active Fieldbus Diagnosis some special procedures must be considered. This application example describes the necessary steps in dependence on the kind of change and topology.

What must be observed if a PA segment with configured EFD is extended or downsized by an AFDiSD?
The extended fieldbus diagnosis (from now on, EFD) for the PROFIBUS PA segment provide the user with numerous new diagnostic options. Due to this diagnosis and the resulting structure of the PA segment, a certain procedure must be followed when changing the system. This procedure is important because devices cannot be reached if the procedure is not carried out properly.

This document describes the general procedure for modifying the system of a PROFIBUS PA segment with configured EFD. It includes a description of how to proceed with extending or removing an AFDiSD in case of system extension or downsizing, in consideration of the different supported network topologies.

Each topology has a description with dedicated steps to follow:

  •  Wiring the field distributors
  •  Adjusting the hardware configuration
  •  Modifying the topology in SIMATIC PDM

PCS 7 V8.2, V8.1 SP1

  Documentation "PCS 7 Configuration Changes in RUN with Active Fieldbus Diagnosis" (1,7 MB)


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