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Project Check for TIA Portal: Check against programming style guides

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Code quality is a fundamental pillar in the software development, which is encouraged by the help of standards, guidelines, suggestions, or “best practice” examples. Checks, analyses, and tests can provide information about gaps, errors or potential for optimization.

You can check TIA Portal projects automated or manually against specific rules using this application “Project Check”. 

Siemens AG provides a rule set based on the Programming Styleguide for SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500, which is already included.

You can export and evaluate the detailed results of the check in an Excel file or XML file.

You can develop and provide further rule sets with the help of the included “Project Check SDK” in the programming languages Visual Basic (.NET) or C#. This means that even your complex rules can be implemented.

The focus of the Project Check is on the first level, the programming style, even though this application can already check some – but not all – specifications for programming techniques.

Product note

Since TIA Portal V16, there is the option package TIA Portal Test Suite Advanced. In V16, the integrated product contains a check against style guides and an application test. The style rules are created in tabular form and the function tests in text form in TIA Portal editors.


Fig. 1

Demo video
The video shows you how to work with the tool.

  Documentation (1,0 MB)

To get the tool "Project Check" version 3.0.0 free of charge, please contact your local sales partner.
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Further Information
Application example - Test Suite Advanced: Example for checking TIA Portal projects for compliance with a programming style
Application example - Programming Guidelines and Programming Styleguide for SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500

Last changes
Complete rework of the application example:

  • New name: “Project Check” (previously: “Programming style guide checker”)
  • One tool for multiple TIA Portal versions
  • Easier creation of custom rulesets using the Project Check SDK (without Openness)
  • Save the results as Excel file or XML file
  • More TIA Portal objects can be checked
  • Selecting/filtering TIA Portal objects and rules
  • Automated execution

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