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Delivery Release of the ET 200SP CPs for Distributed Controller ET 200SP

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ET 200SP CPs (CP 1542SP-1, CP 1543SP-1, CP 1542SP-1 IRC) for the distributed controller ET 200SP are released for sale.

1. Product description

The distributed control system ET 200SP has been extended with three different communications processors (CP), which can be operated with the ET 200SP CPU 1510SP-1 PN, 1512SP-1 PN, 1510SP (F)-1 PN und 1512SP (F)-1 PN.


Basic function

CP 1542SP-1

Basic CP version for network separation with additional IP address for the distributed controller SIMATIC ET 200SP

CP 1542SP-1 IRC

Industrial Remote Communication CP version for telecontrol applications, DNP3, IEC60870-5-104, TeleControl Basic

CP 1543SP-1

Security Integrated CP version (IPsec, firewall) for cell protection tasks

The ET 200SP CPs offer an additional communication interface (with 2 ports over BusAdapter) for the ET 200SP distributed controller.

Product information:

The new ET 200SP CP in combination with the ET 200SP CPU


SIMATIC ET 200SP CPs are characterized by a variable and modular station design. The CPs are integrated into the ET 200SP system by means of an internal backplane bus. In addition, the ET 200SP CPs can be operated simultaneously with CM DP and BA Send modules.

ET 200SP CPs highlights:

Highlights of all CPs

  • Network separation through additional Industrial Ethernet interface in the ET 200SP system and reduced load on the CPU due to separate processor performance in the CP

  • S7 communication, S7 routing, PG/OP, T-COM and open Ethernet communication (TCP/IP, UDP, ISO-on-TCP)

  • ET 200SP system with different communication requirements can be implemented and expanded quickly through fitting of appropriate CP

  • Support of all available BusAdapters

  • The ET 200SP CPU can be operated simultaneously with CM DP and BA Send modules and the CP.

  • Two CPs can be operated on each CPU.

  • Access to CPU Web server over the CP for information, status and diagnostics

  • IPv6 support

Highlights of the CP 1543-1 SP

  • Firewall:

    The integrated firewall monitors access to the controller and prevents unauthorized access from the network.

  • VPN:

    VPN ensures secure communication in the LAN and secure remote maintenance.

Highlights of the CP 1542-1 SP IRC

  • Telecontrol protocols:

    Support of telecontrol protocols such as DNP3, IEC 60870-5-104 and TeleControl Basic.
    (Selection during commissioning through configuration)

  • Data point configuration:
    Data to be transferred is configured without additional programming directly in the TIA Portal.

  • Buffering of process data:
    A buffer for up to 64,000 data frames ensures continuous recording of data in the event of a connection failure. Up to 500 data points are supported.

  • Email for alarms:
    Simple configuration of event-driven interrupts for fast notification when problems arise.

Overview of functions of the three new ET 200SP CP versions:

Configuration examples:

The following applications can be covered with the 3 CP versions:

Example 1: Network separation with the CP1542-1 SP

Flexible expansion of the ET 200SP distributed controller by additional Industrial Ethernet interfaces through CP 1542SP-1. Allows identical machines with the same IP addresses to be set up through network separation. The CP 1542SP-1 takes over communication and thus reduces the CPU load of the SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed controller. Identical user program (T-COM) regardless of the interface type CPU or CP.

Example 2: ET 200SP RTU with control center connection through CP1542-1 SP IRC

By using the new CP1542-1SP IRC, the ET 200SP system can be used as a remote terminal unit (substation). It supports the standardized Tele Control protocols IEC 60870-104 and DNP3. In addition, the Siemens System Telecontrol Server Basic is supported. Typical areas of application include water/wastewater, oil and gas, and other telecontrol areas such as rail control technology, wind power systems and traffic control systems.

Example 3: Cell protection concept with the CP1543-1 SP

Prevention of data loss, faults in production or damages to the machine by protecting against unauthorized access to the SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed controller and downstream networks. Secure data traffic from and to the SIMATIC ET 200SP distributed controller through data encryption.

Compatibility and required components

The new ET 200SP CPs are supported by the CPU 1510SP-1 PN, 1512SP-1 PN, 1510SP (F)-1 PN and 1512SP (F)-1 PN with the new hardware version (article number NEW) as of FW version 2.0 and higher.

CPU type

Article number OLD

Article number NEW

CPU 1510SP-1 PN



CPU 1510SP F-1 PN



CPU 1512SP-1 PN



CPU 1512SP F-1 PN



It is possible to operate the CP together with the CM DP and the BA Send modules simultaneously. A total of up to 3 slots can be used.

Engineering software SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V14 for configuration

The new ET 200SP CPUs can only be configured and programmed with STEP 7 Professional as of V14.

Ordering information


Article number

CP 1542SP-1


CP 1542SP-1 IRC


CP 1543SP-1


Scope of delivery:

ET 200SP CPs are supplied without BusAdapters. These must be ordered separately as an accessory. The ET 200SP CP comes equipped with a separate power supply. The plug (24 V DC) is included in the scope of delivery of the CP but can also be ordered as spare part. This also applies to the labels.



Article number

BusAdapter 2xRJ45


BusAdapter BA 2xFC


BusAdapter 2xLC


BusAdapter LC/RJ45


BusAdapter LC/FC


BusAdapter 2xSCRJ


BusAdapter SCRJ/RJ45


BusAdapter SCRJ/FC


Plug, 24 V DC, 2x2-pole, 10 units (spare part)


160 reference identification plates


500 labeling strips on roll, light gray


1000 labeling strips DIN A4, light gray


Security information
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