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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 109741607, Entry date: 10/05/2016

Why is it not possible in the TIA Portal V14 to transfer the graphics into the Server project via the "Check-in"?

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If you insert a graphics object from the "Tools" task card into the working area of WinCC RT Professional and edit it, the subsequent check-in is aborted with an error message.

Acknowledge the error message by clicking the "Open Server Project View" button. The Server project view is displayed under the project navigation. If you navigate in the Server project to the screen with the missing graphics objects, in the working area you see only a white icon struck through with a red line.

There is a compiler error in WinCC RT Professional because the configured graphics object is missing. The changes that you make in a session must also be made for the Server project.

Fig. 1

For Check-in you have to drag-and-drop the missing graphics objects from the session into the Server project. Then recompile and enable the Server status.