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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109741861, Entry date: 10/04/2016

SIMOTICS GP/SD/DP/XP low-voltage motors – 1LE1 platform Release for sale and delivery: Product has been extended to include Pt1000 resistance thermometer

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Effective October 4, 2016, we are extending our range of optionally selectable motor protection options for our 1LE1 platform of the SIMOTICS GP / SD / DP / XP series to include the Pt1000 resistance thermometer to monitor the winding temperature.

The Pt1000 can be selected just the same way as the KTY84-130 temperature sensor using the MLFB and also using the appropriate order codes.


15th MLFB position



1x Pt1000 resistance thermometer (2 terminals)


2x Pt1000 resistance thermometers (4 terminals)


Order code



1x Pt1000 resistance thermometer (2 terminals)


2x Pt1000 resistance thermometers (4 terminals)


Presently, combining the Pt1000 with UL safety/CSA safety has still not been released. This will be possible in approximately 6 months.

Technical description:

As temperature sensor, the resistance thermometer has a chip whose resistance changes with the temperature according to a reproducible series of basic values. Also see the following Fig. 1. The measuring resistors are calibrated for 1000 Ω at 0 °C – and correspond to accuracy class B (i.e. the resistance is a function of the temperature). The deviation limit is ±0.3 °C; the permissible deviations are defined in DIN EN 60751.

Analogous to the principle of operation of the Pt100, for the Pt1000, the temperature dependency of the electrical resistance is used to measure the temperature.

Pure metals manifest more significant changes to the resistance than alloys, and have relatively constant temperature coefficients.

Fig.1: Resistance-temperature characteristic Pt100/Pt1000


Special issues relating to SIMOTICS XP:

When specifying the appropriate order code, our SIMOTICS XP motors, series 1MB1x (Ex tb, Ex tc, Ex nA) are equipped with a standard Pt1000 resistance thermometer. Here, we recommend that a certified tripping device is used.


Interaction with the converter firmware:

In the future, when using Siemens converters, the versions with Pt1000 will be supported by the following firmware:



  • SINAMICS S120, S150, G130 and G150: from firmware V4.8 with STARTER V4.5 and firmware V4.7 HF22 including STARTER SSP.
  • SINAMICS G120 firmware V4.7 SP6
  • SINUMERIK with the appropriate SINAMICS S120 basis firmware, see above.
  • SIMOTION V4.5 (SINAMICS Firmware V4.8)


The Pt1000 can be parameterized in the SINAMICS firmware using parameters P601, P3665 (VSM) P4100, P460x and P461x (TMs).


When using third-party converters, the compatibility to Pt1000 resistance thermometers must be checked.


More detailed information regarding the support of Pt1000 resistance thermometers in the SINAMICS G130, G150, S150, S120 converter firmware can be taken from the following SIOS. https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/en/view/109740537

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