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RUGGEDCOM WIN 5.0 General Availability Release

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A general availability release of 5.0 for the RUGGEDCOM WIN base station and subscriber station firmware has been released. Versions BS5.0.4621.13 and SS5.0.4624.05 can be obtained by contacting support at https://support.industry.siemens.com/my/WW/en/requests#createRequest.

This RUGGEDCOM WIN base station and subscriber unit release contains fixes for known issues found in previous releases as well as new features.

Firmware update BS5.0.4621.13 can be used for WIN base station products and replaces the older firmware versions.

Firmware update SS5.0.4624.05 can be used for WIN subscriber products and replaces the older firmware versions.

Products concerned:

  • RUGGEDCOM WIN70xx base station

  • RUGGEDCOM WIN72xx base station

  • RUGGEDCOM WIN5xxx subscriber unit


New functions: 

  • Fast network Entry (FNE): this unique feature allows a subscriber unit to detect a failure of the serving base station in a split of second and initiate a full network entry process with a nearby base station in less than 5 seconds instead of the normal 12-20 seconds.  FNE allows to significantly reducing traffic hit in situation a handover is not possible due to a failure of the serving base station.
  • User controlled handover: this feature allows the user full control of subscriber unit connection.  By selecting a registered subscriber unit from the base station WEB UI the user can order the selected subscriber unit to handover to a neighbor base station. This feature promotes load balancing, eliminates traffic hit during base station maintenance and accompanies the FNE feature by allowing the user to move required subscriber units back, once a failed base station has been restored. The SNMP feature support allows the user to control the subscriber units registration throughout the entire setup from a 3rd party application.
  • IP-CS Support: Internet Protocol Convergence Sublayer (IP-CS) Service Flow will remove the layer-2 header from all traffic sent over the air. Base station and subscriber unit will add layer-2 header to egress traffic with pre-configured MAC address and an optional VLAN ID that matches the default gateway. IP-CS is useful for router-to-router communication, hence expected setup will consist of routers directly connected to the base station and subscriber units. The WIN base station supports both Ethernet and IP CS service flows at the same time. IP-CS was added to support specific needs of the aviation industry and is not recommended for general use.
  • Failover between base station time synchronization sources:  both Global Positions System (GPS) and IEEE1588-v2 are possible options for the base station PPS (Pulse Per Second) Source. Starting this version it is possible to set any of it as primary source, and the other as secondary source acting as redundancy for each other. It is also possible to set only one method and disable the other.

  • Enhancements for base station MIB:

    • Support for user controlled subscriber unit handover.

    • Subscriber unit location added to CPE statistics table, when subscriber unit has GPS.

  • New SNMP Traps:

    • Time synchronization source for base station changed to PTP (Precision Time Protocol – IEEE1588).

    • Time synchronization source for base station changed to GPS.

    • Time synchronization source for base station lost.

  • Network Interface Protocol (NIP) enhancement:

    • Read location from Subscriber unit, for GPS enabled units. 

  • Firmware support for the new WIN5100-V:

    • RUM:WIN5100-V

    • RUM:WIN5100-V-GPS


  • Resoled issues observed when stopping and starting base station service where occasionally service did not start.

Configuration changes:

  • Added time synchronization failover options: GPS to IEEE1588 failover, IEEE1588 to GPS failover, only GPS or only IEEE1588.

  • IP-CS configuration: new CS configuration tab under backbone allows enable/disable IP-CS. When enabled Service Profiles may be configured as IP-CS. Service Profiles are Ethernet-CS by default.

  • Controlled handover: WEB user interface allows roaming a subscriber unit to a neighbour base station at will.

  • Subscriber unit with GPS:  WEB user interface displays longitude and latitude, together with satellite numbers and reception level, for supported hardware WIN-5100-V-GPS.

  • Subscriber unit configuration for Fast Network Entry (FNE): enabling the feature will force the CPE to preform required tasks to ensure connecting to a neighbor base station will be possible in less than 5 seconds upon loss of active base station.

Supported software upgrade options:

Base station and subscriber station upgrades are only supported from official releases of 4.4 and 4.5.

Any upgrade from a non-official release will result in a configuration loss.

Please use the following list to ensure you are currently using an official release.


Official base station releases

Official  subscriber station releases




















Please consult customer support if you are unsure of the upgrade process or if your current release is not supported.



Additional information can be found in the user manual:

Base Station: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ca/en/view/109737450

Subscriber unit: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ca/en/view/109737453

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