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SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator (PAA) using a practical example

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SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator (PAA) proposes the digital bridge between plant planning and process control system SIMATIC PCS 7. With this application example, you will learn about the basic functions and advantages of SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator using a standard workflow.

Objective of this application example
This application example is a "best practice" example and shows you the basic functions and benefits of the SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator (PAA) software solution by means of a sample project.

PAA is used primarily in the detail engineering phase of plant planning.
In this planning phase, there are a variety of requirements to improve the conventional planning process of an installation, save time, reduce costs, and conserve resources.
The following challenges and questions result from this:

  • There may be errors and inconsistencies, since different tools are used and the multiplicity of interfaces increase the error potential.
  • Different data bases are used.
  • The traceability of changes must be ensured.
  • Data must be entered once and be able to be used again.
  • How can projects be more efficiently planned and documented?
  • How can the project quality be improved?
  • How can project flexibility and duration be improved?
  • How can costs be reduced?

This application sample provides an initial insight into how you can implement the requirements and issues shown here, using the SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator software solution.

Documentation and example project data as of PAA V2.1 and SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0
Documentation and example project data as of PAA V1.0.2 and SIMATIC PCS 7 V8.2
  PAA Application example documentation (15,0 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  PAA Application example project data (259,5 MB)

Last change
Update of the application example to PAA V2.1 and SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0

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